#PS4 SOLD OUT at local Hawley Lane #Target

i almost had my hands on the ps4!

Did you stand in line for hours to get your hands on the PS4? I got to Target this morning at 7:24 am. I parked and sat in the car to frantically dial 1-800-242-0100 to win the Z100 Free Money Phone Tap. I know an extra $1000 would help me out TONS to pay down my debt before I get married. 100 busy signals later, the winner was announced. It was not me. I know I had a sad face too! I looked up to see this crazy line in front of the store and wondered how long I’d been dialing.

Was it Black Friday?

My friend Taheshia let me know on Facebook that it was for the release of the PlayStation 4. My mind raced as I thought of my video game playing days. My old PS 1 was boxed away in storage. My other game consoles sat in my bedroom collecting dust. But my hands seemed to remember holding the controller because my fingers twitched in anticipation! I got out of the car and stood in line. 24 people stood in front of me. I felt the excitement. I was excited from just looking at them.

It was like Christmas.

The security guards walked towards me. Yes they were prepared! I felt nervous. “Are you here for the PS4?” The Target plastic bag with the broken binder weighed heavy in my hands. Was I there for the PS4? Arelis say yes. You love video games. This is hot off the market. You could be one of the #LuckyPS4 ones today! I wanted to scream yes but I knew it would be an impulse purchase. I shook my head and said no. “I’m just here to make a quick exchange.” I can’t believe I said that! What willpower! A few years ago I would have been in line hours before waiting to purchase the video game console. Here I am not even knowing of its release date. I’m growing up!

As I stood in line sipping on my Starbucks Café Americano I reminisced of my video game playing days. I remember the competitions my best friend and I would have with her then boyfriend on Halo 3. Now she’s married with kids and I hope to be right behind her soon. A young man came in line next and the security guard walked over. “Are you here for the PS4? He said yes and they gave him a ticket. “You’re lucky #25.”

I ALMOST had my hands on a PS4. I WAS LUCKY #25.

Of course I let him know that I let him have that ticket. He thanked me and we went into the store.

The Electronics department at the Hawley Lane Target on the day the PS4 came out!

With my binder to exchange, I headed to the dollar bins. Damn those dollar bins! I founds such cute stuff for my office area. You can never have enough stuff to organize yourself. If I could just stop procrastinating and actually utilize my office area. Sigh. I picked up Apples 2 Apples and Trivial Pursuit Family Edition for some board game fun on Thanksgiving at Daniel’s family’s house. I grabbed a birthday card, some makeup remover wipes and took a try at the clearance aisle. $70 dollars later … how does one even do that in 20 minutes? I have NO self-control when it comes to Target. Sigh!


happy man who bought the #PS4
This man was in line at different stores since 6:30 pm Thursday! He was one of the #LuckyPS4

Can you leave Target and ONLY get what you went in for? Did you make a go yesterday or today to get your hands on a PS4?

Until then,


 PS: If after you read this, you’re compelled to send me a PS4 or $1000 I’d be grateful! 🙂

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My son would have had a fit!!! I’m glad I am not the only one that loses their mind in Target! I LOVE Tar-jhea!!!! 🙂

LOL that’s how I pronounce it too Mandi 🙂 Yeah I don’t know what it is about that store. They lay it out so that something catches your eye. I’ve been doing really well with just sticking to my list but that $1 section gets me every time!

thanks for stopping by Mandi!

My first thought Arelis is what the heck is that! Yeah, you can tell I don’t have a clue. I’m also not a big play station kind of gal and have never played with those types of games.

Looks like those people thoroughly enjoyed that and that was nice of you to let that guy be the next lucky one.

I’m not a big shopper and I rarely go to Target. It’s a little pricey where I live so I hit the “other store”. I know, horrible but Target definitely has cuter things. Their cards are so much better too.

Adrienne, I used to make time to play. Now I’m not even sure what is out there. I bought a couple of games last year and I have yet to play them.

I heart target. But I try not to go in there because they really do have tons of cute stuff and I walk out with things that are on my do not buy anymore list lol

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Arelis,

Oh Tar-Jhea….I walk in there to get one or two things, and end up with so much stuff when I walk out. I go so far as to keeping my head down so I have “blinders” on when passing the clothes and house ware departments. (I’m a sucker for new stuff) – but it never seems to fail … I always walk out with a shopping cart filled with stuff.

Now I’m not a game buff, but I would have tried to purchase it for someone that wanted one if there was a line. This is how crazy I get with shopping!

Thanks for sharing your experience.


I am a sucker for NEW everything. I have kept it under control though since the summer so I can focus on paying off my credit cards before I get married.

I don’t even know what I bought that came up to 70 bucks. Just goes to show how everything can add up. I need to stay away from the clearance sections of the store LOL

Thanks for stopping by Donna!

I hate shopping. I am not standing in line for anything. That being said, I do enjoy hearing stories about people camping out to get toys and gifts.

It’s been ages since I stood in line that long to buy anything. I like shopping but not around the holidays or for events like that. I can only imagine all the people that went out to buy the #PS4 the night before. BANANAS …

Thank goodness my kids haven’t asked for this….that and they’re old enough to make their own money to buy it in the first place :).

Girl I admire you for waiting in line like that. I don’t have the patience to be standing, sitting or camping out. Maybe when I was younger…a lot younger ;).

My husband wants to do Black Friday this year but I’m not sure yet :). There’s got to be a great deal that would be worth withstanding the weather and long lines :).

Aye do I sound old or what, lol 🙂 Happy Monday!

I was only in the line for ten minutes lol I was sitting my car for the rest of the time. I was hoping they would let them in early so I can sneak in to get to work on time

I’m not doing Black Friday in stores because people are CRAZY lol I might take advantage of a few online deals if they’re for something I absolutely need. …which is nothing lol

You don’t sound old, you sound sane. 😉 Happy Wednesday!

Hi Arelis,

It’s my first time here. You came to my blog a couple of weeks ago after Corina had featured me, and I have been wanting to visit you ever since. No sabia que eras latina. Si, hablo espanol 🙂

I think that black Friday is a frenzy thing and I like to stay away from stores that day. And boy I am not a video game player at all.

Nice to visit your place though and hope to see you again soon.

Hola Sylviane! Si Soy Latina! I’m so happy you decided to stop by! Corina is amazing! Yes I did not go out into the crazy shopping frenzy which is Black Friday. I was able to find a gift for my future husband. … It’s been a minute since I played a video game. I do have two systems at home but I rarely get a moment to play.

Thanks again for stopping by Sylviane!

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