Why Sunday Should START your week in #Gratitude.

why #gratitude starts on sunday

Last Sunday, while in NY on vacation, I saw first hand the power of starting off my Sunday with gratitude! I say it to myself every week to list why I’m grateful so the rest of my week will have a sunny disposition. For most of us we start to cringe on Sunday because we’re back to work on Monday. Having gratitude is the reason why I still keep my title of Glenda, the Good Witch. I know that it is easier said than done. The smallest of things, like waking up late, can have the power to send the rest of our day into a downward spiral. Today I show you that it doesn’t have to.

Last Sunday Daniel and I were excited that our anniversary celebration weekend had finally arrived. We had been counting down since July because we were planning on staying in the same hotel in Times Square. I woke up to text messages from Daniel asking what time we were catching the train into the city. I wanted to catch the ten o’clock train and he was thinking 7:30 am. I’m all for starting off your vacation as soon as possible but in my defense I went to sleep after 11 pm and he went to sleep at 7 pm. Normally I would get upset, instead I started my list of gratitude.

  1. I am thankful I have a loving boyfriend.
  2. I am thankful to have an anniversary to celebrate.
  3. I am thankful to have a four day weekend.
  4. I am excited our vacation is finally here.

We made it onto the 8:52 express train to Grand Central Station with two hours to make it to our hotel and get ready for Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We checked into the hotel. We unpacked our luggage. We grabbed Starbucks. We strolled by Rockefeller Center to see the tree from Connecticut. We got through the line to the bathroom before Mass started. We found seats in the center aisle. We were distracted by the guards/guides finding people seats. We were distracted by the family in front of us that had been holding two rows and came in late. We got distracted by the woman who wanted to sit in the center aisle but didn’t see the huge rope preventing anyone from passing so she collapsed and had to be taken out in a stretcher. Did I mention I’m easily distracted?

  1. I am thankful we got into the city early.
  2. I am thankful we got to Mass on time.
  3. I am happy we got decent seats.
  4. I am grateful I am here to hear the Lord’s Word.
Daniel got chosen to help with the first and second collection at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Daniel got chosen to help with the first and second collection at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

I was inspired to remind people to be grateful on the My Pocketful of Thoughts Facebook page. Start your week off today! Think of all the things your grateful for and you'll welcome Monday with open arms! #pocketThoughts

danny made me laugh in times square
Daniel made me laugh in Times Square with his funny faces.

I was running so high on gratitude on Sunday that it spilled over into Monday. Our anniversary was amazing. You can check out our day in pictures on Instagram, click the link or search for DjRelat7. The high continued when I got a marriage proposal and I said …. Yes!

I'm #engaged. He #proposed. I said yes. I'm getting #married. He put a #ring  on it!
He proposed and I said Yes. I’m engaged!

I try and list the reasons why I am grateful every day. When I am feeling like my day is going south or taking a turn in the direction that does not align with being happy, I make sure I take a moment to make a quick list of the things I am thankful for. It could be four random things. It could be specific to what is bothering me. It is a great way to keep your vibes positive. It works 95 percent of the time. When we do this ALL the time it is amazing the blessings that we allow to enter our lives. Our blessings manifest in a number of ways. I am blessed by the people in my life. I am blessed with the talents that God has granted me. I am blessed with love. I can go on but you get the drift. When we’re constantly acknowledging our blessings, the things that do go wrong do not compare. You’d be surprised how different your Mondays can be when you start it off saying your gratitude aloud. I cannot promise you a marriage proposal to start your day on Monday but it’ll be better than if you hadn’t at all.

Do you have a gratitude ritual?

Until then,


PS: Today’s Bible readings can be found on the My Pocketful of Thoughts Facebook Page.

21 replies on “Why Sunday Should START your week in #Gratitude.”

What a beautiful story. It reminds me that when it was time for battle the children of Israel were told to send Judah (praise) first. I like to start each morning by thanking God for everything in my life.

This is a good reminder. I always start my day with “Good morning Lord” and a prayer of thanks. Congrats on the engagement.

This post really blessed me!!! I consider myself to always have an attitude of gratitude, but I like the idea of having a daily ritual and writing things down that I am thankful for. I imagine its like writing your goals down, its so much more real when you can “put your eyes on it.” Congrats on your engagement! Love is a beautiful thing! Marriage is a beautiful thing!

Yes. I have a journal where I used to write daily … the things I am grateful for and for what was to come. I don’t write in it every day like I am supposed to but I read it to remind myself where I was and where I am not. There is power in being humble and being thankful for our blessings!

Thank you! I am looking forward to Marriage and starting the next chapter in my life!

What a great way to start off each day, thanking God for all the blessings big and small. When we start doing that sometimes it is hard to stop because we notice how much we have to give thanks about!

Congratulations on your engagement! That is a beautiful ring and what a beautiful couple you two make. I love starting my Sunday with some Jesus like my kids tell me and being grateful for what we’re blessed with. In fact, it’s something I do daily.

Thanks for sharing your special day with us and for this inspiring post! Happy Tuesday hon!

thank you so much Cori! We’re both so blessed!

I love that … Start my day with some Jesus! Yes! Its a great way to start your day with being grateful for what you have. It really does put a different perspective on the day!

Thanks for sharing with us Corina! Happy Wednesday!

I positively love this! It made my day as a church girl! Your ring is to die for and I love how you guys came to a happy medium for the train time! I am grateful to be a pushing lovely member and to now know you! God Bless your relationship!!

Sharelle you are too sweet! Yes, Daniel did a great job picking out the ring. I should have known something was up when he didn’t argue with me on the train time LOL

I am happy that you are in Pushing Lovely also and that you’ve started Man Trap Meals the website, because I’ll be needing those soon enough!

Thank you for your kind words! God has definitely blessed us!


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