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Cyber Monday Shopping and Christmas Gift Ideas!

christmas gift shopping, the best techniqueI can’t believe that I’ve left abandoned carts all over the world wide web on Cyber Monday full of Christmas gifts. This time last year I would have marked my wants in the store circulars on Thanksgiving Day in preparation of Black Friday at my best friend’s house.  I would have been standing in line at some ungodly hour waiting to buy some gaming system that I probably wouldn’t have time to play. I’d look for some local store to support on Small Business Saturday. I’d go to sleep early on Sunday to take advantage of all the deals on Cyber Monday. Since I finish up my shopping early for friends and family, I’d be shopping for myself. This year its different.

Never forget to get something for yourself when you’re out shopping for others this holiday season.

One for you and one for me. One for you and one for me. This was my shopping technique from Thanksgiving day to the day after Christmas. How else can you ensure that you’ll get exactly what you want under the tree? Yes, you can wrap your own gifts. Why not? Surely I can’t be the only one that does this …. Bueller? Bueller?

What if you don’t have the funds to go ALL out on gifts this year? 

I’m on a tight budget going forward because I’m getting married next year. I’ve officially paid off my student loans this past August. Thank You Jesus! It’s those darn credit card bills that are looming in front of my face like moles in the summer carnival booth. I want to whack them to keep them from popping back up but they … keep popping back up! On the bright side I am down to four from seven. They served their purpose in college but I wish they would have stayed there. I guess its part of the price I’ve paid for my education.

So instead of having to tell my loving future husband that I’ve added on a few more months onto my debt pay down plan, I’m hoping by releasing my want list into the universal, I’ll let it go and it won’t stay on my mind. PLUS, it might give you some ideas to get some of the people on your list.

Apple ipod nano is on my Christmas Wish List
Photo Credit: These are screenshots of the Apple Website.

On Friday I checked out the Apple website to see if there was a deal on the Ipod Nano. I like using my Samsung Galaxy III when I run but sometimes I don’t get signal if I’m running at the beach and Pandora cuts off. Running without music is not as fun. The newer Nano has a screen to access applications like my favorite Nike +. I could use my old Nano to run with but then I’d have that on one arm and my phone on the other to use the Nike + app. I look crazy already when I run and do not want to add to it. LOL I almost checked out with a Red one but it wasn’t on sale. Then I knew I would have to buy a new armband and purchase music so I closed the window.

*Prices do not reflect the Coach Factory website. This was the sale when I was shopping online. Not responsible for actual pricing of handbags.

Did I mention that I was addicted to pretty purses? Coach Factory is not only at the outlets but online. Did you know that? I’ve been getting emails from them for years! They have a crazy sale this Cyber Monday where a handful of selections are up to 75% with an extra 10 % off. The  PEYTON PATENT BENNETT MINI SATCHEL in black and the PARK LEATHER FLAP BAG in Brass/Britain Tan caught my eye. The two bags came up to 200 bucks in my cart. You wouldn’t hit the close button on that right? I did though. I have so many purses at home. I can always buy some next year when my debt is paid down. I have no idea where all this self-control is coming from y’all. I really don’t. If you’re interested in getting deals in your inbox from Coach Factory just leave your email address in the comments section below. (Use your junk email address!)

On the radio today, the Z100 crew was discussing shopping for gifts on Cyber Monday also. They said that Christmas is the time to give people what they want not what they need. So if I were really buying what I wanted, I’d head over to the website I discovered last week in my inbox. I subscribed to Portero, an online consignment shop of high end merchandise, like Chanel. Sometimes when we subscribe to sites we can get emails from their affiliates. This can be a bad thing or in this case, a good thing. Louis Vuitton Handbags directly from the factory.

The best way to navigate the site is to type in the style you’re looking for because if not, you’re searching through hundreds of thousands of purses.  Sounds too good to be true right? That’s what I said about the Coach Factory website … I pinned some bags on my Christmas Wish List Pinterest Board and Danny went to check out the website. He tried to order a bag and the order wouldn’t process. He emailed the company because there is no phone number listed on their site. When he finally got a response, someone told him he could get a bigger discount if he sent money via Western Union to a woman who lived in China. What?! … that’s what I said! They “looked” legit. #LessonLEARNED … Sometimes if a deal sounds too good to be true …it is!

Whats on your wish list this year? Did you take advantage of any of the After Thanksgiving sales?

Until then,


PS: If you’re looking for a Gift Card Giveaway check out the one going on now on My Pocketful of Thoughts. You have until December 13th to enter into the drawing. Good Luck!

PPS: This is not a Sponsored Post. The companies listed within did not compensate me to write about them. These items are on my wish list in case you feel generous and want to buy them for me. 🙂

PPPS: The last paragraph was updated on 12/18/13 with the latest from the website I thought was real! :-O

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Am looking forward for the bags and found here quite good bags at this post. Will you please tell me is there any Discount on Fashionable Clothing?

I want an updated dslr camera but won’t see one for a while that is the only thing I truly want. I did shop online for most of my things this year we decided to keep it a small business Christmas for the most part this year with one big ticket item then shopping with smaller businesses for the rest.

Hey Kita! You should try doing the 52 Week Money Challenge to save up money to buy your dslr camera for next year! If someone ends up getting it for you for NEXT Christmas than the money you’ve saved can be put aside for something else you might need! Or if you end up buying it yourself and you use it for your business that’s a tax write off YAY

Hey Arelis,

Well that’s a great way to put it out to the Universe to let them be aware of what’s on your wish list. I haven’t been shopping yet because I just now got almost everyone’s list. We draw names for Christmas and I certainly can’t go shopping until they tell me what they want.

Mine this year is a Kindle and no, I don’t have one yet. I don’t really want a lot of stuff but I work online all day long and I’m tired of sitting here to read too so I’d like to be able to sit in a more comfortable spot to finish reading some of this good stuff.

Hope you get what you want for Christmas this year.


Hey Adrienne. I purposely did that … just in case anyone in the universe was watching and was looking for what to get me LOL Drawing names for Christmas sounds like a great way to save money instead of having to buy gifts for EVERYONE! I have heard great things about the Kindle Paper white. I don’t have that one but I’m thinking about it. I have the Kindles but I seem to use it for everything else except reading books :/

Good Luck with your list!

Hey Micheal! It depends on what kind of clothes you’re looking for? There a few discount designer sites for clothing like Ideeli and Beyond the Rack that I like. If you’re looking for something closer to home I would check out your local T. J. Maxx or Marshalls … Can’t go wrong with either. Good Luck!

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