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What up with YOU? PC Issues, Christmas Shopping and Vacuum Cleaners!

whats up with you? pc issues, Christmas shopping, vacuum cleaners

What’s up with you? It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever! Ok so maybe its been a little over a week but in my country that’s like 5000 years. I’ve stolen borrowed Daniel’s laptop because mine is acting up. After fixing the blue screen (the warning that told me my hard drive had a fatal error… wtf) my laptop now takes almost a whole half an hour to boot up. If its in hibernate mode it takes even longer. So I’ve had to learn some of the Mac features because its not the same controls as my PC. Thank God for WikiHow! What kind of computer do you have?

Have you finished your holiday shopping? I picked up the last of my stocking stuffers at Kohls and T. J. Maxx. I caved and purchased an armband for my Galaxy 3 from, but I had a credit so it doesn’t count, right? Then I had a coupon for the Loft and a Rewards card so I bought some cute tops in classic shapes. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be shopping. I do have a wedding to save up for. However, I haven’t purchased an article of clothing since August …so I decided to treat myself. Shopaholics Anonymous meeting anyone? Do you buy things for yourself for Christmas?

I just got a 30% off coupon on my latest Kohls flyer and I have $20 bucks in Kohls cash … it would be a crime NOT to use it right? I have my eye on buying a vacuum cleaner. I bought one during black friday at Target last year, but it was 40 bucks. You get what you pay for! I won’t say what brand it was but after a short time of using it, the button that keeps it upright and drops the height to reach under things, broke off. I have no idea where that piece is so its standing against the wall in my hallway. Do you have a favorite brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners? I need something that’s going to last me a few years!

…So aside from my latest addiction to the Starbucks Holiday Latte’s … that’s what’s up with me. What’s up with you?

Until then,


PS: When’s the last day I can mail out holiday greeting cards?

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Ah, don't get me started about slow computers – mine's terrible. It's a desktop pc and too full of junk.

Yes, I have finished my shopping, but we don't do much these days – no kids to buy for.

As far as vacuum cleaners go, our main one's a Sebo, which is excellent, and we've bought a fantastic, really powerful battery-powered one, a GTech, which is just ace for keeping on top of the dog hairs. And I've got a portable Dyson for hoovering up crumbs in the kitchen. So there you have it 🙂

I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping but only because my nephews and niece are at the age where they just want money and most everyone else is getting a gift card this year. My budget it tigher than normal, which makes the holidays a little less fun. Oh well. Yes, I have bought Christmas presents for myself, sometimes (with all due respect) they were the best Christmas presents I received. I mean who knows more what I want than … me? LOL! I have a good vacuum cleaner (I believe it’s a Bissell) and it does a good job picking up cat hair, which may not be important to you! I always feel better (or at least not guilty) when I spend money on something “useful” like a vacuum. It’s harder to justify shoes, although I’m sure I could do it!

My nieces and nephew are also at an age where they just want money/gift cards. I got my nieces some fun accessories and make up cases and picked up some video game gift cards for my nephew. The other kids I buy gifts for are mostly books and clothes. I figure they all get plenty of toys so why add to it!

I agree who can give you a better gift for Christmas than you LOL … I do the same thing!

I’d use the vacuum in my bedroom and I would need it to pick up my hair lol I may need it to pick up pet hair in the future but not at the moment. I looked at a Bissell at Kohls last week but the sale wasn’t big enough for me to purchase it. …. hopefully in the new year.

Happy Holiday’s Tanya!

Well, I've come down with a douzie of a cold and feel like the Walking Dead. My dear daughter brought me a cafe mocha. It helps some! Good luck with the vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately the items on sale on black Friday are usually of lower quality & made just for that sale. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Hey there Arelis,

My desktop is acting up too. I’ve got to take it to have it checked out but it might be time for a new hard drive…she’s about 6 years old now.

I haven’t had carpet in a long time. Having little ones running around spilling stuff, it was just easier to have hardwood floors. And now the cycle continues with the grandbabies. :).

I haven’t started my shopping yet. My husband wants me to wait on him so he can go with me. It gets pretty bad out here with muggings and stuff, even in the daylight!

It’s been busy here too both at work and home but I’ll have some downtime soon to recharge :).

Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

My laptop is not that old but maybe it could be all the images I have stored on it… perhaps I can move them over to a portable drive to solve the issue …hmmm…. I don’t have money at the moment to replace it and there’s the wedding to save up for maybe in a few years!

I’d love hardwood flooring in my future home. I have carpeting in my bedroom and I can just imagine all the stuff that is piling it up since I haven’t replaced the vacuum cleaner yet ….sigh.

I finished fairly early but I have still been going out to buy things with Daniel …we finished off his list on Saturday. He has a few gift cards to purchase for some of his family members but I’ll leave that up to him. That sucks about the muggings … seems to be at a high around the holidays … they even caution package deliveries. Its crazy the amount of people that will just walk up to your house and take any packages that are visible. I send everything to my job!

I’ve been on vacation the last few days… I’ve had a laundry list of things I wanted to accomplish including writing but it hasn’t happened. Doesn’t help that my internet connection seems to be SUPER slow if it connects at all :/ Perhaps its a sign!

I hope you have a great holiday Cori!

I am almost done gotta buy a book bag for my daughter and a case for her tablet and one more ninjago toy for my son and I think we are done. Nothing lasts computers, cars , ugh

Kita sounds like you’re probably already done! I know some people that just started this weekend. You won’t find me in a mall at this time a year … in a few weeks yes lol

Yes I agree, nothing is made to last anymore. I hope I can make some minor tweeks to get it to run faster. It annoys the crap out of me LOL

Happy Holidays!

Aw yes, the screen of blue death. Had one last year for my desktop. My husband literally raced it four hours down the road to my nephew-in-law who is a computer geek, to get it fixed. I don’t think he wanted to hear me complaining, nor have me “borrowing” his computer! lol

And, yes, guilty. I have bought myself something while shopping for others. Just this week in fact. It wasn’t much, and it was on sale! 🙂

I have a co-worker that is good with that but I hate bothering him. He’s giving me a few things to look at … since he’s gone through it recently himself. How many times can you bother someone about it. Daniel is not complaining about me using his so for now …

Hey … on sale SCORE! There really isn’t any harm in picking up something for yourself … in my book anyways. Why not?!

Happy Holidays Carol!

No…my Christmas shopping is not done AT ALL. There are some people who I still have no idea of what they’re getting…or if they’re getting anything. I pretty much suck at shopping this time of year.

Vaneese it seems you have to plan it out earlier and take the pressure off of just shopping in December! I start in January … best time to catch some great sales if you stick to a theme. Some things you can get at a steal!

I’m no where near done. Did order my son a vacuum cleaner though – went with Bissell after reading reviews. It’s not easy deciding on which with so many out there. I did order myself some Origins as they email great deals and I love their products. I haven’t decorated yet as my mom has been quite sick and my house a little upside down. Crazy year for me. I have a Dell computer but hear Mac’s are awesome. Good luck!

Lisa I hope you’ve gotten closer to getting your shopping done with Christmas now being two days away. I tried to read reviews on the vacuums I found at Kohls but I wasn’t able to find the exact models that were in the store. Sometimes I hate the exclusivity of certain products. I feel sometimes you take a gamble with your vacuum. I’m not ready to invest in a GREAT one just yet. So I can’t really complain when things fall off if I only spend 40 bucks, right? LOL

I hope you mom is feeling better! I hope that next year is a calm one for you.

I also have a Dell but Daniel has a Mac … i hear great things about what can be done on a Mac but I’m not convinced yet to make the switch. While I save up for one I’ll weight the pros and cons. I’ll need all the luck I can take in the mean time! Thanks!

I've been borrowing Daniel's but now my internet connection is slow :/ I probably have to replace my modem …sigh it's always something, right!? hmm I've never heard of a Sebo or a GTech, will definitely check those out! I hear great things about Dysons though! Happy Holidays Susan!

Hey Maggie, I've been feeling ill this week myself. Of course it has to be when I'm on vacation. I decided not to get the vacuum as the sales weren't all that great! I think I'll see what I can do with the one I have as I'll be moving into a new space next year… Hope you had a great weekend and a happy holiday!

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