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The perfect day for a marriage proposal. Part 1

proposal bethesda fountain

A girl can hope of setting up the perfect day to be proposed to or get married on . . . my date had been 11-11-11 or  12-12-12. I would have been ecstatic with either.  But those days came and went. 11-12-13 … maybe?

I remember the morning after I posted my review on the Sanctuary Hotel, I had let Jeremy, one of their managers, know that Daniel and I had enjoyed our stay very much. If we had the opportunity to return in November for our anniversary, we’d stay there. I thought out loud with Daniel, what if we went 11-10 to 11-12 and you can teach me how to use my camera in Central Park for our anniversary (11/11). He agreed. So it might happen. Maybe?

a marriage proposal in central park


4:00 AM

Our weekend started on 11-10-13, and Sunday had brought me no marriage proposal. Ok, then its definitely happening on Tuesday, right? Was he serious when he said he was going to do it on Christmas. OHMMMMGEEE, I don’t know if I can wait that long. I mean its close but so far away! It’s 4 O’clock A.M. and this dude was using the bathroom. I hoped he did NOT think it was time to wake up. I flipped over . . .

. . .I forced my head down on the pillow and I closed my eyes tight, not just because he was coming but because I pulled something. What the FA LA LA! I heard a loud noise and then pain came;  A blind numbing pain that brought tears to my eyes and wanted me to cry out Mami.  Daniel rushed to my side and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t lift my head up. Had I pulled something in my attempt to get a few hours more of sleep? This was NOT how I wanted our anniversary to start!

Should we go to the hospital?“,he asked.  The last thing I wanted was to be rushed to a hospital in a town that was not my own. I let out a whiny, No. Daniel gently massaged my neck but it wasn’t helping. I finally found a position, with the help of the pillows, that didn’t make me feel like Henry the 8th had sentenced me to a beheading and the Beheader botched the job. I closed my teary eyes and welcomed sleep.

6:00 AM

The alarm sounded at 6 to start the day with breakfast. I wasn’t sure what condition my neck would be in so Daniel assisted me to sit up. I was ok as long as I didn’t try and make any sudden turns of the head. I tried to pretend I was wearing a neck brace. Luckily, with the movement of the morning, my neck felt better. Stiff but definitely better. Today was going to be a great day even if we had to stop for duct tape. Hmm, I wondered if I could find a leopard printed duct tape to match my dress.

I walked out with Daniel to the corner of 47th and 7th. I kissed him for good luck on his run. I went off in the opposite direction to get my face painted makeup done by MAC Artist Aaron at the #304 Times Square location. When I had booked the online appointment the week before I mentioned that I was getting my makeup down for a photo shoot. They asked me if I was doing an engagement shoot because that’s where a lot of couples go to take pictures. I kept my smile on and said, “No, my boyfriend is going to show me how to use my camera for our anniversary“. Daniel walked into the store just as Aaron was putting on the finishing touches. My skin looked flawless. I was ready for my photo shoot.

proposal me at sephora

10:30 AM

As we left MAC, Daniel told me we had to search for a tie. I insisted it wasn’t necessary but he wasn’t having it. With some luck we found Fino Fine Menswear & Shoes located at 570 Fashion Avenue open. Daniel turned down the tie I suggested at first. However, when the salesman suggested THE SAME tie, he thought it was a good idea. Since I promised Daniel that I would behave and be easy breezy for our anniversary I kept my mouth shut. 🙂

proposal the tie

It was still on the early side to start heading to lunch so we settled into the Starbucks on the corner of Broadway and West 41st Street to keep out of the cold.

proposal day Danny found a tie

. . . didn’t Daniel look handsome?

The Day of the Proposal - I was wondering what the day would hold!

. . . Here Daniel’s captured me wondering what the rest of the weekend would be like.

The Day of the proposal - I am writing a post on My Pocketful of Thoughts

When he stepped outside to check in at work I took advantage of the wifi and finished up the post It’s Our Anniversary. I put the idea of a proposal out of my mind as I signed off my phone. I didn’t want to end our celebration feeling disappointed or angry. I wanted to celebrate our love in our favorite city. It was off to a great start!

the day of the proposal - blogging at Starbucks

As we left Starbucks to make our way over to Bryant Park, Daniel did a little dance out of the door. It made my heart happy to see him in such great spirits. This man never dances in public, unless its in the car and there’s a good jam on. That. Is. It. Happiness is contagious y’all. I wanted to dance too!

11:30 AM

After we finally hailed a cab at Bryant Park, we slowly made our way up 6th Avenue. The cab driver apologized for the extra traffic and the ever increasing price on the meter. The scheduled Veterans Day Parade down 5th Avenue had streets closing down and traffic being redirected. Daniel finally gave me the look that said If I don’t eat now, Can I eat you? We jumped out of the cab after paying and walked the rest of the way. He ran ahead of me to use the bathroom. In my heeled boots I was not trying to keep up.

the day of our proposal - we went to have lunch at serendipity

12:40 PM

As I walked up to Serendipity, Daniel emerged to let me know that there was an hour wait. I knew that there would be one. There ALWAYS is. He handed me his camera to return to use the restroom and I found a bench to sit on. My feet were killing me.

As I sat down, Daniel’s camera hit the pavement. WHAT THE FA LA LA! The long strap was longer than I thought and I didn’t grab it in time. I quickly looked around, took the cap off the lens and snapped some pictures. It seemed to be OK.

I must have said a couple of rosary’s before Daniel met me at the bench. He asked me to look up restaurants in the area that we could eat at instead. No frozen hot chocolate for us. 🙁 Everything was expensive. He suggested skipping lunch (huh?) and going straight to Central Park. I didn’t argue as my mind went back to his camera. 

. . .  We picked up chestnuts and bottled water on the way.

We finally walked onto 5th Avenue. I had pinned an article on the ten top photogenic spots of Central Park. When I went to pull out my phone he said he had also done some research and wanted to go to the Bethesda Fountain. He didn’t want us to get lost so he wanted to turn down the street that would lead us directly there. As we passed by this Memorial Statue, decorated for Veterans Day, I foolishly opened my mouth and suggested taking a picture of it. I didn’t stop though. I kept walking. I did not slow down. I did not pass go. I did not collect 200 dollars. I said an Our Father and a few Hail Mary’s.

I had said at least seven prayers before I noticed that Daniel was not behind me. I turned around and I didn’t even see him in my sight range. When I rang his cell, he told me he’d be right there. My feet were killing me, so I kept walking.

My prayers were not answered. When he finally caught up to me, he told me he didn’t take the picture because his camera was not working. OH MY WORD! I calmly asked him, “Has it been giving you problems lately?” Hey, it could have. I see you shaking your head. I shook my head, in my head, too. No. It had not been giving him issues before and now was not the time to start. :-O

1:20 PM

We FINALLY turned onto 74th Street and Daniel assured me we were ALMOST there! Hallelujah! My feet were killing me! As we walked down the path I knew I needed to use the bathroom and to pray some more. Luckily the Conservatory Boat Pond had a rest room.  I talked myself into believing that the camera would miraculously work for our photography lesson and I reapplied my lipstick. The sun was beaming, I was melting and I wanted to tell him, “Let’s skip the photo lesson! But my guilt wouldn’t allow my mouth to open.

Stay tuned for next Saturday when Part 2 of the Proposal continues! Do YOU remember how the day went on the day of your marriage proposal?

Until then,


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Thanks Shannon, it was just as exciting reliving it as I wrote it down as it was the first time. Knowing the ending didn’t take away from it at all, just reminds me of how loved and blessed I am!

I love that you’re sharing proposal story. I’m on pins and needles with you waiting for Daniel to propose! Just do it! LOL! And by the way, MAC did a fabulous job with your make-up too. 🙂

Thanks! The artist at Sephora did an amazing job indeed. I have a woman I use regularly but she was back home. Sometimes you’re not sure how you’ll come out when you don’t know their work, but I was super happy with the results!

What a great story Arelis! Girl your make-up was right on too! I can’t wait to read part two!! What happens next???

I love this! What a great way to remember it and have this story forever. Can’t wait for the rest of the story!

I LOVE this! You are so funny! I was shaking my head at you about Daniel's camera. You saw me! lol Looking forward to the next installment!

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