Can I be MORE like Jesus?

What can I do to be more like Jesus?Can I be more like Jesus? Is there some secret formula or equation that will get me into God’s good graces? This is something I hoped to hear in the Masses of December. However, in the season of Advent, I heard in the homilies, of different churches, about how we were all sinners. I am a sinner but I don’t know about you. If you’re like me though, you’d rather hear the solution and not the problem. Do you know what happens when you focus on the problem? The problem gets bigger.

Is there a magical formula to get me back on track to being more like Jesus Christ?

When I was reading my girl Sheri’s What Does Jesus want for Christmas? I was reminded in a more light hearted way about many of us missing the reason for Christmas day. I agreed with her and a few of the Priests that the holiday season was no longer about getting our spirits back on track for doing God’s work but more about the commercial shopping season. The Christmas specials on TV won’t mention his name either. Jesus, How have we strayed so far that we can’t even say your name on public TV?

Sheri summarized what Jesus wanted for his birthday with … In short, Jesus likes it when we do things for people who are not really able to repay us.  Kinda like how we are unable to repay Him for the gift of Salvation. He died for us willingly, unselfishly, and lovingly knowing that we’d never be able to repay Him. He really takes this kind of stuff personally. I’m planning to put smiles (I hope!) on the faces of some unsuspecting homeless people…and I’ll do it periodically all year.  “Happy birthday” Jesus!

I’ll do it periodically ALL YEAR long!

Sheri gave some great examples of ways we can give back to Jesus what he gave to us … all year long! One of the great things that does come out of the holiday season is the concept of giving to others. Could we expand this to the ENTIRE year? I don’t mean the gift buying. Lord knows I do not need to be online or in a store shopping with the wedding this year. But, what if we bought a few extra things at the grocery store that’s on sale and dropped it off at a food pantry? What if we went through our closet and donated the things we haven’t worn in a few years? What if we opened the door for the person coming behind us that is still a few feet away?

What Would Jesus Do?

WWJD y’all. This is the magic formula. It sounds trendy and hip because it is. I remember years ago people were saying it left and right. There were bumper stickers and t-shirts. Then it went away. Just like when we used to say Say Bible, when we wanted to know the truth. Can we bring it back? It’s a simple formula. What would Jesus do? This question can be posed towards any and everything in our lives. How AWEsome is that?

Not sure what Jesus would do? You’re in luck, because I don’t know all the time either. I hope you’ll join me this year in exploring the Bible and getting to the know Jesus on Soulful Sundays.

What did you get Jesus for his birthday? Did you do any kind things for others? Do you do something special every year?

Until then,


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