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next week on my pocketful of thoughts

Sneak Preview … Next week I’ll be bringing back Story Time Saturday with the story of Daniel’s marriage proposal. A handful of you I’ve spoken to since November so you know some of the details but what you didn’t know is that there’s photos from the entire day. A picture says a thousand words loves. We’ll also be putting together a video as well but the software requires me to study it a bit further to get it done. … so umm don’t expect that soon lol

Here’s a sneak preview to one of the photos taken that day.

writing a post on my phone
Photo Credit: Daniel Dias Photography

… As I finished up my post It’s Our Anniversary at the Starbucks in Times Square, I had no idea what the day truly had in store for me. Love was in the air and in my Salted Caramel Mocha. …

What is YOUR idea of the perfect proposal? 

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