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Is Runner Runner worth the $1.28 at Redbox #MovieReview

Can I watch Runner Runner for Date Night?

 Is Runner Runner a potential movie for date night? This is what Daniel and I asked ourselves in October on our Tuesday Date Night. I was sold because it had Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. The action scenes in the trailer had Daniel sold. It’s not in the theaters anymore, but you can watch it on DVD through Redbox.


I liked the movie. I could relate to Richie, Justin Timberlake’s character, because I remember what it was like going to college and not having the funds to pay for everything I needed. My way to pay for things was using the credit cards I signed up for in the mailroom lobby. Richie uses an online poker affiliate program to pay his way through school.  Being asked by the Dean to figure out another source of income, Richie decides to gamble his savings to make up for the difference he was short for tuition. What happens next, you might see coming but what unfolds for the rest of the movie will leave you satisfied right to the end.

Daniel felt that the trailer oversold the action in the movie. However, I think ALL trailers do that, don’t they? They highlight the best clips of the film to entice you to drive down to the theater on opening day to see it. Mission accomplished!

We both agreed that if they spent a little extra time exploring the addiction people can have for online gambling and gambling in general, it could have made a good movie, great.

Don’t go out and buy the DVD but definitely rent it on Redbox for your next date night in. Let us know if you like it and if you’ve seen it already do you think it was a Matinee Worth Movie?

                     this movie is matinee worthy     Date Night Approved by My Pocketful of Thoughts    This movie is rated R  I would let my TEEN  watch this movie. #TitiApproved

What kind of movie do you like to see on Date Nights? Are you a horror flick type couple or do you lean towards romantic comedies?

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6 replies on “Is Runner Runner worth the $1.28 at Redbox #MovieReview”

Thanks for the recommendation! We are always looking for movies for date night, but have the issue with things being too scary for me or too girly for Terrence. This one seems like it's right up our alley!

My hubs hates horror movies talking about he has nightmares….smh….We love comedies something that ill make us laugh.

I always forget about Redbox and order pricey Pay-per-view! Thanks for the reminder. Gotta check it out!

I've never used Pay-Per-View because of the price … I would always wait for the movie to come out on one of the cable channels I had included in our TV package. Now a days you have Redbox or my favorite Netflix to watch them now at a fraction of the cost. It helps make date night very affordable!

I like romantic comedies. Some of the regular comedies I find to be too silly for my liking. I remember when Danny and I went to go see an Austin Power's movie. We thought it was horrible LOL … laughing is good times at the theater! Danny will not watch a horror movie with me and I won't watch one by myself. :/

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