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Sanctuary Hotel, St. Patricks Cathedral & The Museum of Sex

In July of 2013, Daniel and I spent a weekend in NYC to celebrate both of our birthdays. I secretly wanted him to propose on that trip. It would have made the best birthday gift ever, don’t you think? Honestly, I’ve wanted him to propose on half of the trips we’ve gone on since 2010. It just didn’t seem to happen. When I mentioned in the post how we stayed at the Sanctuary Hotel and we wanted to return for our anniversary, the hotel manager offered us a nicer room at a discount. When Daniel said he really wanted to make the trip in November, I booked it. 11-11-13 would be a perfect date to get engaged on … right? As the weekend approached I promised myself that I would not spend the day expecting a ring but instead to focus on our love, the beauty of our relationship and enjoy the time away with him.  Easier said than done.

What happened the weekend of our anniversary will unfold over the next few weeks. I share this story with you to give you hope and to keep the romantic spirit in you alive. 

Day 1- 11-10-13

The BEST things in life are WORTH the wait!

I waited to pack my suitcase the night before. By the time my head hit the pillow it was after 11 pm. A ten o’clock train into Grand Central Station would give Daniel and I more than enough time to grab a bite, check into the Sanctuary Hotel and head off to the 1 pm Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on the corner of 51st Street and 5th Avenue. What I didn’t expect was Daniel texting me at 6 am in the morning to ask what time we were leaving to catch the Metro North train.

He thought we’d be catching an 8 am train …poor communication on our parts. However we didn’t argue, we came to a quick compromise. I rushed and got ready . . .

   ready for vacation
On my way to go pick up Daniel.

We got on the 8:55 train by the skin of our teeth.  We threw our luggage up on the overhead racks and found seats. We were on our way.

KoKoa Magazine Challenge on Instagram

I get motion sickness on a trains, buses, cars, planes and boats. To distract myself I decided to participate in Kokoa Magazine’s photo challenge on Instagram. On the 10th of November they asked their readers to post a creative selfie. I posted a picture of my purse. I feel bags are an extension of our personalities. What would you have posted a picture of?

Alexis Hudson Ombre Purse We got to Grand Central around 10:30 AM with plenty of time to check-in and head off to church. . . Everything was in walking distance so we didn’t have to take any taxis.

We checked into the Sanctuary Hotel in Times Square on 47th. The last time we were there we had booked the Superior Queen. The Deluxe King was similar in style but almost double the space.

Deluxe King Bed at the Sanctuary Hotel in Times Square NYC
Deluxe King Bed at the Sanctuary Hotel in Times Square NYC
The ottoman at the end of the bed
The ottoman at the end of the bed had plenty of storage for us to unpack our suitcases.
Mirrored Sink
Mirrored Sink
the Separate Toilet Room
the Separate Toilet Room with another sink and lighted mirror
The Glass Shower
The Glass Shower with a curtain for privacy
Wall TV with a desk and mini fridge
Wall TV with a desk and mini fridge
2 Large windows for a ton of NATURAL LIGHT
2 Large windows for a ton of NATURAL LIGHT

And there was a man in the closet . . . oh wait that’s just Daniel LOL

If you ever come to NYC to stay and do sightseeing, the Sanctuary Hotel is a five minute walk from Grand Central Station, two blocks away from 5th Avenue and half a block from Times Square and Subway Stations!

The inside of St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue
The inside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue

We made it to Mass. If you ever visit know that there isn’t a bathroom to use for the public. There is a public restroom direct across the street on 52nd Street.

After Mass we headed over to Tony’s DiNapoli Italian Restaurant for lunch. I had a yummy Calamari Salad and Daniel had a beautiful bowl of Spaghetti with meatballs. I’ve eaten here several times over the years. It is ALWAYS a great meal. If you’re in the mood for Italian I highly recommend Tony’s.

After Tony’s we walked to the Museum of Sex. On our way there, across the street from Bryant Park was a large empty space. There were people painting on the walls. Daniel and I stood and took pictures. We were in awe of the talent! The sign read #BryantPark #ArtBattle.

#BryantPark #ArtBattle#5BryantPark #ArtBattlesThe MUSEUM OF SEX is located in the flatiron district on the corner of 5th Avenue and 27th Street. When we walked in we were surprised by the large crowd of people. As we entered the gallery we wanted to close our eyes. The first room we walked into was composed of many exhibits of a summarization of what people look up on the internet. While sex in general is a taboo topic in public, it does not stop people from feeding their curiosity on Google. There were also several studies on human sexuality. The rest of the museum contained a range of different collections; from letters to a dress made of condoms.

Museum of SexWe headed back to our hotel to enjoy some tacos from Haven Rooftop Lounge. The waitresses were polite but it took a bit before someone took our order and then later to get the check. It seemed to be a busy night for the restaurant.

Daniel being silly in Times Square
Daniel being silly in Times Square

Craving cheesecake we made our way to Junior’s Cheesecake in Times Square. Daniel and I split a slice of red velvet cheesecake. It was very rich and LARGE. Junior’s also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Times Square at nightWe ended the night with a stroll through Times Square. There is something about the bright lights and the buzz of the crowds of people walking through that makes you feel alive, even after a very long day. Have you been to Times Square?

What happens next … well you’ll just have to stay tuned in for next week! Make sure you follow the Facebook Page for details!

Have you been to New York City? What’s your favorite thing to do? Where do you stay?

Until then,


11 replies on “Sanctuary Hotel, St. Patricks Cathedral & The Museum of Sex”

What an amazing trip!! I've never been to New York but I would love to go. I definitely will be checking out some of the landmarks you mentioned. You guys had a blast!

Aww, that was a nice trip! I lived in NY but before I lived there I was always mesmerized by the lights of Manhattan and the building etc. Enjoyed reading about your adventures.

Aw it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. And the fact that you guys didn't argue is a clear indication that you two know what it takes to make it work…you'll be together forever!

I've never been to New York but my son just came back from there. He was on a school trip and as a matter of fact, his choir performed at St. Patrick's that Sunday.

You and my son are making me want to go…but in the Spring or Summer. I can't deal with that cold.

Thanks for sharing this with us Arelis! Have a wonderful weekend!

I was actually talking about when was the best time to visit NY was and I think that the spring or the fall is best. In the summer it can be really hot and humid. The winter time is a hit or miss. One day it can be comfortable and the next day could be freezing!

I hope you get to visit soon!

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