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Genesis 4

genesis 4We are now on Chapter 4 of Genesis in from The Daily Walk Bible NLT (New Living Translation).It is available on Amazon if you haven’t purchases it yet. Every Sunday tune in to read another chapter and reflect on one of the questions asked in the guide. You can write your thoughts in the comments section or write them down in a journal. When I read different excerpts of the Bible, I like to write notes down. It’s a great way to really take the words in. In general we are not to interpret the Bible, which we’re not doing here. I liked the idea of the guide as it asks you questions to focus on as you read each chapter. If you’ve read from the Bible before, what’s your method while reading it?

Here’s Verse 7 of Chapter 4 of Genesis:

genesis 4 verse 7; "You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master." This verse stood out to me the most in this Chapter. We read about Adam and Eve’s first children, Cain and Abel. We learn that Cain becomes a farmer and Abel a shepherd.  During this passage, the Lord is asking Cain why he is so angry. The Lord had just accepted Abel’s gift of his firstborn lamb and rejected Abel’s gift of some of his crops. We witness that Cain’s anger causes him to kill his brother. Who needs to watch a novel right?

The summary in the guide makes it seem like Cain’s sin of murdering his brother is a direct result of Adam and Eve’s first sin of eating the apple. So are we all doomed for the same fate? Sin is indeed crouching at the door and controlling our emotions is key. However we all know that is easier said than done. I’ve seen people do it so why can’t I. What did Abel possess that Cain did not?

If you happen to know the answer to that please explain it below!

Before I leave you let’s take a moment and remind ourselves of what we were grateful for this past week to start this next week off right!

this week I am grateful for

  1. Warm weather that has melted a lot of the snow. Of course that has just made room for more snow. LOL
  2. Modern medicine. All the running around I have been doing has me sick once again. This time though its the start of a sinus infection. When I went to Walgreens for some Zicam fast melt tabs, I was excited to find Zicam also makes a Intense Sinus Relief Nasal Gel. The Cooling Menthol and Eucalyptus tells my brain relief is indeed on the way. Daniel, my future husband is also grateful for it as he has also been using it!
  3. My job that pays the bills and the extra task list that shakes things up a bit. It is a great thing to be busy and to feel a sense of security with your job. SO many people are without right now. I am truly blessed!

Let me know what you’re grateful for! Also feel free to share your thoughts on Genesis 4!

Until then,


If you’re just tuning in, we’re on the 6th Chapter of the first book of the Bible. We’re reading one chapter at a time together. If you’d like to catch up you can go here. If you’d like to join us in reading the Bible with The Daily Walk Bible (NLT) you can purchase it on Amazon here. If you purchase The Daily Walk Bible through the link above I will receive a small percentage of the sale that will be used towards the maintenance of the website.

Here’s the rest of Genesis 4:

Genesis 4 ... The one with Cain & Abel Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts #Bible #Jesus

6 replies on “Genesis 4”

I am working to read more of the bible on a daily basis. I am going to need to stay tuned to your blog for the “lessons” and perspectives. Genesis has always been a “scary” one for me, as I grew up. I want to revisit it for more of an understanding.

This is something that I have been saying I wanted to do for years now. I made the decision last month to just and do it, and each week we’ll read another chapter! The guide that I’m using really does help and lets you think of it while comparing it to the now. Glad you’re along for the journey!

Hi Arelis,

Thank you for sharing this at the I’m Every Woman Weekly Linky. I’m a big fan of Yolanda Adams and she reads a chapter every morning on her talk show. So even when I’m driving the kids to school I can get my Jesus on like my daughter says.

I also like this way too because when I’m in traffic I can pull up your post on my phone and take a read too.

This was an interesting verse for sure. The truth is staring us in the face so why don’t we as a society and human race be better. I know these words scare me straight.

Happy Wednesday hun! Thanks again for sharing.

I love Yolanda Adams and did not know she had a talk show on the radio! I will have to look that up for sure! It really was an interesting verse. I was not expecting God to be so upset with humanity so early on in the Bible either. These words would scare anyone straight so imagine if everyone picked up the Bible and read it. Food to think about for sure.

Thank you for putting on the I’m Every Woman Weekly Link Up.

An interesting verse, Arelis. It’s true temptation or sin is often present in a daily lives, tempting us to take a shortcut or compromise our beliefs/morals. I am always grateful that when those moments appear that my faith and integrity help me do the right thing, if it’s seems harder in the moment. There is always comfort in knowing you did the right thing.

Absolutely Shannon! It is a great feeling when we can see past the allure of doing what is against our morals. I know when I do go against it, the satisfaction of doing the thing I desired when I desired it only lasts but a fleeting moment. It then weights on my conscience which I hate. If I can do the right thing I always feel good about my decision and it doesn’t haunt me later.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on Genesis 4!

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