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Genesis 5

Genesis 5 of the Holy BIble

Genesis 5 introduces us to a slew of people that are descendants of Adam and Eve. Did this chapter bring up any questions for you? This is my first time reading the Bible through from start to finish, so I’ve had quite a few. I did not know that we began living such very very VERY long lives! I wonder when that changes. “Adam lived 930 years, and then he died.” (Genesis 5: 5) Could you imagine living that long in this day in age? 

…I actually wouldn’t mind living that long if my body didn’t start breaking down in my 60s. …

…If you’re just tuning in we’re reading the Bible together, one chapter at a time. The Bible is a complex and intimidating book to read alone, at least that is the reason why I’ve never attempted to do so in the past. My brother-in-law told me about how he and his wife were reading from The Daily Walk Bible NLT (New Living Translation). So far, I love the questions that start each grouping of chapters. It helps you relate the word of the Lord to where we are today. It is available on Amazon if you haven’t purchases it yet.

Here’s an excerpt from Genesis 5:

genesis 5 vs 28 to 31

Do you think the Noah that’s introduced in this chapter is the Noah of Noah’s Ark? There’s a movie coming out in theaters soon. I am not sure if it follows closely to the Bible but it looks like a good movie to watch none-the-less.

Every Sunday you can tune in to read another chapter and reflect on one of the questions asked in the guide. You can write your thoughts in the comments section or write them down in a journal.

… Speaking of journals.. Do you take notes when you read the BIble?

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If you’re just tuning in, we’re on the 6th Chapter of the first book of the Bible. We’re reading one chapter at a time together. If you’d like to catch up you can go here. If you’d like to join us in reading the Bible with The Daily Walk Bible (NLT) you can purchase it on Amazon here. If you purchase The Daily Walk Bible through the link above I will receive a small percentage of the sale that will be used towards the maintenance of the website.

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I think it is Noah of Noah’s Ark he’ referring to. I would love to go see the movie too. It looks like it’s going to be good. Have you seen Son of God?

I have not seen Son of God yet. I was supposed to see it with a group of people yesterday but the plans got cancelled. I had my niece and nephew yesterday and they wanted to watch Non-Stop with Liam Nielson.

Did you watch Son of God yet?

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