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Genesis 8 . . . the one where Noah Gets off the Boat

genesis 8 noah gets off the boat ... Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts

In Genesis 8 we read that Noah survived the flood. The flood lasted 204 days. It took a little over a year for the earth to be completely dry from the flood water. At which God told Noah to leave the boat with his family and release all the animals so they could be fruitful and multiply throughout the Earth. What do you think Noah was thinking as he waited for the flood water to recede?

There are two types of believers.

The first type of believer is one who has blind faith. This person does not need proof that something exists or that something will happen. God told Noah to build a boat . He gave exact measurements, told him who to take with him and what animals to take. We see he does so without question. The birds that are released from the boat to find land are done so twice. Had the Dove come back, I believe Noah would have sent out a 3rd bird and continued to do so until he was sure the waters had receded. Noah is a an of blind faith.

The second type of believer is one who needs proof. They need some type of concrete evidence that what they are being told is true. They don’t need to necessarily see exactly what’s in question. It could be a sign. Lord send me a sign that you’re there. This could be enough to make a believer.

Are you a believer of blind faith or do you need a sign for truth?

If God told me that something was coming to put an end to life as we know it, I’m not sure how I would react. I would hope that I would listen and believe that what God was saying was true. Although if I’m being honest I’d probably ask for proof that He was God to start. How would we know it was God if he approached us?

Do you think Noah freaked out at all when the rain came? How would you react?

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Genesis 8 ...Where the floods recede and Noah gets off the boat ... Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series,