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Bridgeport’s Mayor Finch Presents Park City Movie Nights

Free Movie Nights! YES! Are you looking for an inexpensive family night or date night?¡Qué suerte! Bridgeport’s Mayor Finch Presents Park City Movie Nights for summer of 2014! Last summer I was sad that I missed out on the FREE outdoor movies that were featured at Baldwin Plaza in Downtown Bridgeport. This summer I have the schedule and I actually want to see ALL of them!

So grab your blankets, your picnic baskets and head over to Baldwin Plaza at the corner of Broad Street & Fairfield Avenue behind the courthouse.

TIP: If you don’t live in Bridgeport, see if your local community has a similar program going on this summer. If not, ask to see if they can make it happen. Its a great way for the community to get together and make memories with their families.

Here’s the line up:

Mayor Bill Finch presents Park City Movie Nights; here's a line up of what's coming this summer. FREE MOVIE, - My Pocketful of Thoughts - Upcoming Events


Will you save me a spot for Movie Night? Will you share your snacks with me?

Until then,