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Who pays for the wedding?

Are you wondering who is paying for the wedding? Then you need to have this discussion! This article is part of the #Wedding Planning Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts

Do you know who is paying for your wedding? When Daniel and I had our vision session for our fall masquerade wedding, I got caught up in the fantasy of it all. I could hear the music playing, the dance floor was packed and my feet were killing me. <– I didn’t even care that my feet hurt! Daniel and I were having a blast! But after we finished doing a preliminary wedding guest list, I thought to myself how much is this all going to cost? Our count was at 225 and that only included our immediate family with their kids, our close friends and our coworkers. YIKES! Then I started thinking about the checklist we created. The beautiful vision I saw was slowly fading away and reality was sinking in. Really, who’s paying for this wedding?

It was then that I suggested moving our wedding to the summer. We could do a cookout at Beardsley park. We would save money on the venue and the food. People would not have to spend a ton of money on their wedding guest attire. More importantly we wouldn’t have to stress out over who was paying for what! Money is the most common reason that gets couples arguing! Daniel looked at me like I had three heads! Absolutely NOT, he said.

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What about getting married by Elvis in Las Vegas? No.

When is TOO early to start planning your wedding?

A tip on how to save $5000 on your wedding! Part of the my Pocketful of Thoughts Wedding Planning Series

I told Daniel that I had started planning for our wedding in 2010. Have you seen my Pinterest boards? I have 52 Pinterest Wedding Boards! Bananas right?! I also started putting money aside. I’m SO happy that I started saving early for the wedding! I am still paying off the credit card debt I racked up in college. Just the thought of having a big wedding and paying for it was giving me hives! Luckily things have worked in our favor to allow Daniel to save up a good chunk of what we will need to pay for the wedding. Thanks be to God! Or else I’d gladly elope in Las Vegas!

Can I start a marriage in debt?

It’s so important to start discussing money early on! You’ll save yourself a ton of headache in the end!

Did you start saving up early for your wedding? Have you discussed with your honey who is paying for your wedding?  What are some tips you have in terms of paying for the wedding?

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