I just want to be healthy.

The Journey to Healthyville is paved with tiny rocks that get stuck in your shoe. The Journey of an obese women who wants to fit into her wedding dress. Part of the Healthyville Series on

My wedding is 128 days away and I can’t fit into my jeans. Houston we have a PROBLEM. When I picked up my dress in March, I tried it on. I was worried that it wouldn’t fit. It fit like a glove, minus the length. My tiny 5 foot 2 and a quarter frame would drown in the fabric so I would have to just take it up a bit. Now. Well, I’m trying not to panic. No. I’m not panicking. I’m not panicking. I’M NOT PANICKING!

I shouldn’t panic right?

I am EXTREMELY anxious though. My weight has gone up and down over the last ten years. I’ve been so focused on numbers and feeling totally defeated when I continue to be so far from my ultimate weight goal. It’s become torture. I’ve felt the effects of extra weight; The weight equivalent to a small child.  I carry it around with me, everywhere I go.

Have I been going about it all wrong?

At the end of the day I just want to be healthy. Something has to change. But what?

Have you quieted the voice within that tells you to quit every time you step on the scale?

I came across this Infographic that describes the cost and perceptions of obesity. Did I mention I was obese? Granted most of my weight adds to my curves.  BUT when my curves require me to update my wardrobe OR causes me to go to the doctors for unforeseen consequences…. well the journey to healthy feels like a losing battle. This is deja vu. I’ve been here before.

So while I think of what needs to change … here’s the Infographic I mentioned.

NEW INFOGRAPHIC: The Rates, Costs & Perceptions of Obesity
Infographic Source:

Has your weight compromised your health? Have you been on the weight see-saw like me? Have you quieted the voices that make you quit? Have you succeeded in getting to your healthy weight goal? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked for you? Do you think I’ll fit into my wedding dress? :-O

Looking to get back on the horse to Healthyville,

Until then,


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My weight loss worked best when I had a partner… I need someone to stay on my but to get me to my goal. My blood pressure has risen since gaining weight and I'm working to get off the meds. Good luck! Hit me up on Twitter if you'd like to chat more. Found you on Triberr. Have a great weekend.

I'm getting married in 39 days, 19 hours! Congrats on your wedding. I too am obese and I wish I had decided to get healthy when my fiancé first proposed. But I didn't. Now I'm watching what I eat and will start exercising but it's too late to make a difference for the wedding. I joined Weight Watchers and I will start walking and using my Wii Fit. Hopefully I'll stay on that plan. The hardest for me has been saying no to junk food.

Hey Cindy! Your wedding is coming up in no time! How excited are you? I know I've been counting down the days! Yes I actually started working out early on but life got in the way. I will figure something out! I did Weight Watchers a few years ago with success. How do you like it so far? Its a great program to learn portion control. I wonder if I would have stuck with it if I attended the meetings instead of doing it only online. Which are you doing?

April that is a great tip! I always have success when I have a partner but I can never seem to keep them LOL I actually seem to stick to it better when I go alone. The minute someone cancels on me I have no motivation to go and that's not a good thing for me :/ What's your Twitter Handle, I'd love to chat more 🙂

Arelis Cintron I'm getting very excited. It's a month away now but still so much to do! I did it years ago too and was pretty successful with it. I'm also doing it online which hasn't really helped me a lot. But I'm too cheap to go to meetings. 🙂 I'll see how it goes this way and if I don't stick to it I might see about going to some in person meetings.

I’ve kind of been on the weight see-saw. My problem is I didn’t realize I had gained weight! I am bigger than I’ve ever been (except for when I was pregnant), but couldn’t see it until I went shopping for a pair of pants and discovered my normal size was too small. I’m looking forward to following this series. I just want to be healthy, too. Regardless of my weight.

This. I just want to be healthy too and, for me, the only way to do that is to drop lots and lots of pounds. I did not try to lose weight before my wedding (it was kinda on the spur anyway) and now looking at some of the pictures, I’m not happy. Sadly, I’m starting to feel defeated (like before even starting) because I have so much to lose. I wish I had started sooner. Definitely following this series!

Vaneese been there and am there again! It’s easier to do nothing but is it? I find that keeping the goal in front of me helps A LOT. I’ve started with tracking my steps. My phone, the Note 3, a Samsung phone has something called S health. It tracks your steps and exercise. You can enter what you’re eating and gives suggestions based on what YOUR personal goal is. Its a huge phone so I get people asking me all the time “What is that on your arm?” and I say I’m tracking my steps I want to be healthy and having people asking me all the time keeps in my head when I’ve forgotten. Start small … see how many steps you’re walking a day and increase it. Use a pedometer or an app on your phone. Or make it a daily thing to walk around the block with the family after dinner. That small step in the direction of becoming healthier will lead you to doing more and WANTING to do more. I hope to start up the series again in December!

Hey! It was good. Such a fun day. Good weather. It didn't rain until the reception. We got married in England so we were also there for the honeymoon. It was a great trip. How is your wedding coming along?

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