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[ #MovieReview ] Chef will make you hungry for more than just food

26 Reasons to go see Chef the Movie - Chef - Movie Review on my Pocketful of Thoughts;

The other day I was looking through the showings at the Bow Tie Theater and ran across a movie called Chef. I had never heard of it and wondered what it was about. I clicked the tab for the Storyline and was surprised by the cast. LOTS of Hispanic names including my favorite Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara. A chef who cooks … who doesn’t like watching the cooking channel? Chopped anyone? Read on to see if you’ll waste your time watching Chef . . . 

Chef will make you laugh out loud.

John Linguizamo marinating a pernil on the set of Chef - Movie Review on my Pocketful of Thoughts;

Here are 31 reasons why YOU might want to watch Chef:

  1. You can smell the food that Carl makes
  2. You like reading critiques of food bloggers
  3. You want to believe in second chances
  4. You could relate with choosing a career over family
  5. You might be divorced
  6. You are chasing your dreams
  7. You are at a job that you hate but you love what you do
  8. You aren’t happy
  9. You need to shake things up
  10. You want to quit your job
  11. You love Sofia Vergara
  12. You love the Ironman cast
  13. You like cheering for the underdog
  14. You don’t know anything about social media
  15. You have 5 Twitter followers
  16. You have flipped out on someone in public
  17. You are a chef
  18. Your child showed you how to use your Ipad
  19. You want to laugh
  20. You’re OK with crying in a dark room
  21. Your kid opened up a Twitter account for you
  22. You have a favorite #FoodTruck
  23. You like Cuban Food
  24. You hate your boss
  25. You quit your job because you hate your boss
  26. You’ve been to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans (BEST BEIGNETS)
  27. You like Miami
  28. Your kid is awesome
  29. You want a movie to have a satisfying ending
  30. You live in Los Angeles
  31. Your looking for a movie to watch with your ADULT friends!

Chef will make you appreciate the people that support you in your life!

About Chef: A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family. Source: IMDb


Chef is:
This movie is rated R


Warning: Do NOT watch Chef if you are hungry!

Sofia Vergara on the set of Chef; Movie Review on my Pocketful of Thoughts;

Have you seen Chef? Have you ever been forced to choose between your job and pursuing a passion? Have you ever quit a job because you couldn’t stand your boss? Are you happy where you are in life? Shout out the lovely person that supports, pushes and cheers you on!

Until then,

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