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[Book Review] Do you know The 9 Mirages of Love?

The 9 mirages of love


In a few short months I’ll be walking down the aisle towards my best friend. We’ll become husband and wife. For a long time though, I didn’t think I’d get married. There were a handful of guys I dated that shouldn’t have made it past date two and a handful that never made it to date one. I was certain that I was forever doomed. But when you’re young sometimes you don’t know, ya know? The last guy I date though, right before Daniel, well that lasted way longer than it should have. My friends listened to me talk about him. Did they tell me to move on? Maybe. You couldn’t tell me anything though. I was in need of a good shaking. Read on if you can relate or thats you now, I have just the book for you, The 9 Mirages of Love.


 The 9 Mirages of Love is a guide to help you figure out if its time to let go of a dead relationship.


Nothing is ever “perfect” to the naked eye, and if you’re comfortable defending another relationship as perfect, you’re either not looking hard enough or you’re in a drug-induced state of denial.Couples need to fight. If you’re not fighting, you’re not moving forward. If you let everything pass, you’re either a coward or you don’t care. When you love someone, that someone’s actions affect you. You have to react, one way or another because to remain indifferent is not normal. Real couples will do everything in their power not to fight, but there will be times that feelings cannot be contained. So, this idea that a perfect relationship is always rainbows and butterflies is a load of shit. What matters is how you deal with conflict and how you move forward after a dispute. – The 9 Mirages of Love

Who’s this book for? This book is for your friend, who isn’t listening to you when you tell them its time to end that relationship they’re in because you can see they’re miserable. They stay because . . . well you’re not 100 percent sure. BUT you know that you were them once. You know that sometimes if it comes from you, you become the messenger who is shot. This book also might be for you if you’re in a relationship that you want to work but for the life of you, you can’t figure out why its not. Even if you’re in a loving relationship and/or married, you can learn something about yourself and your relationship after reading this book. 

What will you learn? You will learn if the relationship you’re in needs to end or what you need to tweek. You also might hear something your partner has said to you but it didn’t really make sense. I had a couple of aha moments and follow up conversations with Daniel as I was reading this book. Sometimes we have to hear it from someone else for us to really hear it, am I right?

What did I love about The 9 Mirages of Love? I loved Chiara’s in your face, tell you like it is, rip the duct tape off in one motion, approach to explaining the 9 Mirages of Love. You will either be shaking your head, yes, as you read this book OR you will completely hate it because you’re not ready to face the reality. As you continue to read, her own story, morphs her into the friend you wish you had, when no one told you that dating that guy/gal for so long wasn’t going to go anywhere. Let me know what you think!

Where can you get this book? This book is available on Amazon. Scroll down to add it to your cart.

Have you ever been in a relationship that lasted a day too long? Do you know a friend that you’re dying to tell them to leave their current relationship, but not sure how? Have you read The 9 Mirages of Love?

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Disclaimer: I am an Indie Chick Lit Book Tour Host. I received The 9 Mirages of Love complementary to review. All opinions are my own. If you purchase the book through the Amazon link, a small portion of the sale will help support the maintenance of My Pocketful of Thoughts.

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