When is the baby coming?

4 Things to consider before asking When is the baby coming? Part of the We're Expecting Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts

When is the baby coming? Has this question been asked of you? Recently married? Or maybe you’ve been in a long committed relationship? You’re not a stranger from hearing about your plans to have a baby. Right? If not, don’t be surprised OR upset if everyone and YOUR mother starts bombarding you with this question. It is innocent enough to ask. I actually found myself asking a newly married couple a few days after their honeymoon, so . . . “When is the baby coming?” After Daniel and I got back from our honeymoon, a few couples opened up to us about their own personal experiences of baby conception. We learned that there are a few things to think about before asking about someone’s baby making progress. Read on for FOUR things to keep in mind  before asking, When is the baby coming?

It’s easy to get excited about the possibility of a new baby. However,  there are a few things that are of a sensitive nature to consider. Couples can easily be asked about their baby plans once or twice a day. If you’re newly married that number is probably ten times that as the news of your recent wedding travels. What if the couple has been together for a while or married for over a year. Are you still asking them?

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If a couple has been together for a while here are 4 things to consider before asking what they’re waiting for to have kids:

  1. They’re trying and having a hard time conceiving.
  2. They’ve tried and miscarried.
  3. They’re not ready to have kids yet.
  4. They’ve tried, succeeded but are waiting to be further along before sharing the good news.

You may also need to pray for patience. Wait for them to tell you. Asking too many times can be upsetting for the couple.

Daniel and I were asked about our future baby plans for only a few months after we got married. God has blessed us with a future son. Now we’re asked, Have you picked out a name yet? We have but we’re keeping it to ourselves until he’s born. For now, we are letting people know they can call him Doc. His initials will be M. D. Doc will be making his debut in August.

Doc at 20 weeks. When is the baby coming?  a  post  from the  We're Expecting  Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts with Arelis Cintron Dias
Doc at 20 weeks.

What do you think is a safe amount of time before it is NOT ok to keep asking a couple When is the baby coming? If you’ve been asked, how do you respond? What are some other things to consider before asking about future children?

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