30 Days to a Stellar You Chachanna Simpson Coaching Therapeutic Thursdays

Why wait for the New Year to start working on you?

I was reading my email the other day and found a friend of mine had started a blog series called 30 Days to a Stellar You!  Every day there is a new post of a new assignment that gets you really thinking about ceating the life we all think about when we’re making our New Year’s Resolution list.  She wants you to think of it as free coaching in a blog.  Who doesn’t love free? 

I personally have had a few coaching sessions with her and I thought she was awesome and I got results.  If you were ever thinking about it, she’s the woman to get in touch with. 

SO…start your list early, start day 15 of the month taking charge on this THERAPEUTIC THURSDAY!!  YAY YOU!  I’m starting it today and I’ll be posting my progress on Facebook.  If you don’t follow me yet feel free to check me out, My Pockeful of Thoughts! 

Check out the blog series 30 Days to a Stellar You!

Until then,