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How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker

Please take a moment to read how this list came about if you have not already done so with the blog titled ‘I welcome the NEW Fun Friday Series, How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker‘.

1) Try random things to annoy your co-worker. Check and see your co-worker’s expression or change in mannerisms, until you find the random thing that works best. I find tapping your pen works well. You, however, might find your co-worker despises humming. The point is to find whatever annoys them the most.

2) Do well at your job!!! Chances are your boss will take notice and praise your name in front of your co-worker. Your co-worker will hate this!  Do NOT detour your plans even when she spreads rumors that you are sleeping with the boss. Everyone knows this is not true! People will dislike her more. You are winning.

3) Ignore your co-worker. Limit your words strictly to hi, bye and mandatory work related tasks. Your co-worker wants the attention. Not giving it to her will make her angry. Do NOT detour your plans even when she makes up stories to her friends via IM. Your facial expression is serious on the outside, but on the inside you are laughing, your genius plan is working.

Stay tuned for more ways on How NOT to Kill your Co-Worker. In the meantime, if you’re on twitter, feel free to say ‘SURVIVED @djrelat7 @cpigrun #hownottokillyourcoworker’ if you have survived the work week!  Don’t forget to share on My Pocketful Of Thoughts Facebook page and like it!