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See you at the Black Wall Street Holiday Extravaganza

I am excited to announce you have another opportunity to find unique gifts this holiday season. So grab your holiday list and be ready to cross some, if not all, of those names!

The event:

The Holiday Edition of Black Wall Street Bridgeport


Sunday, December 20th from 5 to 8 p.m.


The Bridgeport Public Library, located at 925 Broad Street in downtown Bridgeport, CT.

Bridgeport CT Upcoming Events


Photo credit: Sports Authority

Great news Bridgeport!  The new Sports Authority is finally opening up on Main Street in the Plaza with Stop & Shop! I was sent an official press release and wanted to share the details with you. Read on for special prizes for the grand opening of the Sports Authority!

Bridgeport CT charity Do Gooders Upcoming Events

The Black Wall Street Festival

Saturday, August 9th is The Black Wall Street Festival! The event begins at 1pm at The BK Lounge Parking Lot and will end at 7pm. If you are in the Bridgeport area please stop by! What is The Black Wall Street Festival? I’m glad you asked!

Eldorado Anderson, of Dream Life Works Inc. is celebrating his 35th birthday.  He is celebrating by giving back to the community. He wants to display a portion of our history that he hopes to see thriving before his days on earth are gone. How awesome is that?

In the early 20th century, there was a section of Tulsa, Oklahoma called “Black Wall Street” and at its prominence was the most thriving and profitable black community in the nation. Unfortunately, the town and its community was destroyed during one of the worst race riots in United States history. Over 600 businesses, including churches and schools, were burned to the ground. History books have yet to make mention of this Mecca of our history and tried its best to hide the devastation that occurred when it was burned down in 1921. However, despite this tragic event, the people of Tulsa stayed with the motto that “Every Child Must Be Educated”, and this is the premise of The Black Wall Street Festival.

He would love for us and especially our children to be in an atmosphere of “minority” entrepreneurs, who own or represent businesses, that affect our community every day. 

Bridgeport CT Upcoming Events

Bridgeport’s Mayor Finch Presents Park City Movie Nights

Free Movie Nights! YES! Are you looking for an inexpensive family night or date night?¡Qué suerte! Bridgeport’s Mayor Finch Presents Park City Movie Nights for summer of 2014! Last summer I was sad that I missed out on the FREE outdoor movies that were featured at

Bridgeport CT Upcoming Events

Bridgeport’s Mayor Finch and DSSD announce 5th Annual Downtown Thursdays Free Concert Series

Bridgeport CT, Bridgeport's Downtown Thursdays Summer 2014 lineup Summer Concert Series - My Pocketful of Thoughts

Last summer I grabbed my camping chair, headed down to the Bridgeport Green and enjoyed the rhythmic music of the Downtown Free Concert Series! To my surprise the place was pretty packed. It was a lovely thing to see the residents of Bridgeport gathered together and swaying to the music. My absolute favorite part of the series is the Shakespeare production that’s put on by the Connecticut Free Shakespeare. The year before last it was Romeo and Juliet!  Have you gone to a free concert series or seen a Shakespearean play in your local green?

It is to my delight to hear that this summer will mark the 5th year that the Downtown Thursdays Free Concert Series returns to the Green in Downtown Bridgeport.

The following press release contains the Downtown Thursday Schedule.

30 inches abandoned cars accident Blizzard Charlotte Bridgeport Bridgeport CT Channel 12 News Mayor Finch plows shoveling snow snow angles Soulful Sundays stuck when is my street being plowed

[UPDATE for Bridgeport CT] : #Blizzard Charlotte HITS #Bridgeport CT hard!

They announced on the news last week that Bridgeport, CT could get up to 24 inches during Blizzard Charlotte. When I heard it I didn’t believe it. Two feet of snow, yeah ok. Despite my reluctance to believe that we could get that much snow I checked my inventory on candles, flashlights, and food. I picked up an extra supply of items that did not need to be refrigerated. Knowing that Stop N Shop would be low on supplies by Thursday night, I picked up dried fruit, fruit, nuts, snacks, and protein bars from Target. I was prepared for whatever was going to come. We got a little more than two feet of snow. Bridgeport got a whopping snow total of 30 inches. This does not take into account the snow drifts caused by the high winds that brought some areas with heights of 3 feet or more. Bananas right?

On Saturday morning I walked out onto my porch to take picures and tag #News12CT, after they asked for pictures of Bridgeport. I couldn’t see my car in the driveway. Taking a quick glance at the street, my jaw dropped open. I knew there was going to be days to pass before the snow plows could come and begin to move this amount of snow. People have referenced the last snow blizzard to hit Bridgeport this hard to be the Snow Blizzard of 78. The grand total for Bridgeport during that blizzard was 18 inches. This go round we got double that in one shot.

Here are some pictures from Instagram with #blizzardCharlotte:

To see my own Follow @djrelat7 on Instagram!

People are upset and agitated as they call into Channel 12 News in CT. I have been following along since Saturday morning and here is some information for the residents of Bridgeport.

Top FOUR Reasons YOUR street has not been plowed:
  1. People are in cars following the plows as they clean. If they need to stop and back up when they find abandoned cars in the middle of the road to get tow trucks in, the twenty cars behind the plows are now in the way.
  2. Cars abandoned during the storm that are parked in the middle of streets. They cannot plow through abandoned cars, a tow truck has to come to move it out of the way, this wastes time AND prevent the rest of the street from being cleared.
  3. Snow is between 2 and 3 feet deep, a Pay Loader is necessary to move the snow off the street, THIS TAKES TIME.
  4. Cars are on the road when they’ve been told not to be. My boyfriend got beeped at a women trying to travel to Fairfield to get their nails done. This creates a problem when the cars get stuck on streets that haven’t been plowed now they are in the way when the plow trucks try and come through.

Mayor Finch of Bridgeport, has issued a travel band on its residents, for good reason to. It may be a while before all the streets are plowed, patience is a virtue here. I advise you to take this time to do the things you haven’t been able to do because of the busyness of life. Relax, watch your DVR, read a book, sleep,write AND share your pics with My Pocketful of Thoughts on Instagram with tags #blizzardCharlotte & @DjRelAt7.

In case you weren’t able to get to church today like I was, here is today’s first reading:

English Version
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Bridgeport CT Can I vote? election day elementary school My Pocketful Of Thoughts President of the United States TeamObama voting

Every Vote Counts!

photo credit: Bludgeoner86 via photopin cc

Today is such an important day!  Voters from all over the United States of America will be out at various locations voting for the next President of the United States of America.  I made sure I went to bed last night at a reasonable hour so I could get up early and go vote.  Since I already have, I thought I’d share my experience with you.

  • 5:00 am – Woke up to the alarm.
  • 5:01 am – I actually didn’t hit the snooze button, I was really up and excited.
  • 5:05 am – Used the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  (TMI?)
  • 5:10 am – Pulled out layers to wear in case the line went outside.  
  • 5:30 am – Started tweeting.  #GoVote (Follow me @DjRelAt7)
  • 5:40 am -Used the bathroom one last time.  (Just in case)
  • 5:45 am -Got in the car to go.
  • 5:50 am -Went to the school to #GoVote in CT, the line was already started.  How AWEsome! 
  • 6:00 am – The line got to moving. 
  • 6:02 am – I saw A-M and got in that line right away.  
  • 6:03 am – As I got closer I saw that it was organized by STREET name and NOT last name. 🙁
  • 6:04 am – Got into the right line;
  • 6:06 am – Checked in, checked to make sure my parents were also at that location.  
  • 6:10 am – Voted.  (It is a short ballot but I quadruple checked to make sure I filled it out right and for who I wanted to elect.)
  • 6:12 am – Got my sticker.  
  • 6:13 am – Then I told the lady on the way out to get more signs for which line was which.  I was not the only one to have to switch. 
  • 6:15 am – Back in my car and heading home to blog this post.
  • 7:05 am –  I’m Typing, right NOW.
  • 7:06 am – Until I hear who won –  Now I wait in anticipation to know who will be our POTUS for the next four years.

It was a quick, simple process right?  Every Vote Counts! So please do not use ANY excuses today to NOT vote.  It is so important to use this right!  This election will effect how you live for the next four years of your life.  Imagine if it were  your vote to make the difference and you didn’t vote.  Do not live in regret!  I don’t want that for you.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Before you #GoVote, check to make sure you’re at the right voting location. If you’re not sure go here, , to check and it will link you up with the right website.  Some locations have been changed due to the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy.
  2. When you get dressed to #GoVote WEAR layers, it is COLD outside and you might be in a line for a bit. This morning I wore leggings, jeans, a pair of socks, a pair of ski socks on top of that; My Nine West Ugg-like boots; 2 tank tops, a long sleeve tee, my coat, elbow length gloves, a hat, and a scarf. It is better to take things off than to be FREEZING.
  3. When you #GoVote make sure you know how the lines are organized. You DO NOT want to be in a long line and realize close to the front that you’re not in the right one.  Normally I’ve seen it by last name, this year it was by STREET name and people had to switch lines once they got closer to the front. Ask the person at the entrance to make sure, that is what they are there for.
  4. Go Vote and bring someone with you if you can!
  5. If you have never voted, please READ the directions.
Every Vote Counts!  Yes, especially your vote!

Once you have voted stop by My Pocketful of Thoughts FB Page and share your experience.  Ex: I’m in CT.  The line was long but the line was fast. Or you can keep it simple and just say I Voted!  Go there now!

Until then,

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