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Why wait for the New Year to start working on you?

I was reading my email the other day and found a friend of mine had started a blog series called 30 Days to a Stellar You!  Every day there is a new post of a new assignment that gets you really thinking about ceating the life we all think about when we’re making our New Year’s Resolution list.  She wants you to think of it as free coaching in a blog.  Who doesn’t love free? 

I personally have had a few coaching sessions with her and I thought she was awesome and I got results.  If you were ever thinking about it, she’s the woman to get in touch with. 

SO…start your list early, start day 15 of the month taking charge on this THERAPEUTIC THURSDAY!!  YAY YOU!  I’m starting it today and I’ll be posting my progress on Facebook.  If you don’t follow me yet feel free to check me out, My Pockeful of Thoughts! 

Check out the blog series 30 Days to a Stellar You!

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Chachanna Simpson djrelat7 Book Reviews Life After College

Life After College, What Your Parents and Professors Never Taught You

Life After College:
What Your Parents and Professors Never Taught You
By Chachanna Simpson

“…my goal is to prepare you for the real world.  Now, I’m not going to promise that you are going to learn everything there is to know about surviving and thriving in the real world from this book, but I’ll give you enough to get you started….”

Deliver on her word, she does! I wish I would have gotten a hold of this book when I graduated from highschool!  Thinking of an appropriate gift for a highschool graduate or still need to get one for a recent college grad?  This is an awesome gift and I’m sure after they read it they will be forever grateful.

In this book you get everything you need from applying for a job, the job interview, renting an apartment, protecting yourself with a variety of insurances, to budgeting and lots of good stuff on understanding your finances.  It was a nice treat to see a chapter in there on health.

So even if you think you know everything there is to know, you might find a thing or two that you were completely unaware of.  Buy a copy for yourself and one as a gift! Pick it up at

I first ran across Chachanna in the Connecticut Post while I was reading the paper back in 06.  It mentioned that she had a website dedicated to twenty somethings and I plugged in right away to  She is one of the reasons why this blog exists today.  I had the pleasure of meeting with her in 08 and when she published this book I couldn’t wait to read it.  Take a look at the website and follow her on facebook.  

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