completes me love poetry Story Time Saturdays

Complete me………….

i love when he holds my hand in his

he looks at me and looks into my soul and i seem to always know the words to say like a script written just for us
he kisses me with the hottest passion i’ve every felt
all he has to do is smile and he makes me smile
he makes me laugh when he says the silliest of things
he helps me grow as a person
he tells me i’m beautiful even on my sickest days
he pushes me the hardest and reminds me to be my best
he reminds me that I will have his love forever

i love how her hand fits perfectly in mine, as if she were made just for me
i love when i look into her eyes and she knows my thoughts without even having me speak
her lips leave me hungry, sweet and complex just like bonkers
i love that when i smile, she smiles
i love her even more when she laughs at my stupid jokes
she helps me grow as a person
she is the most gorgeous creature that God has ever made
its her voice i hear that i can do more that i can be better in the most positive of ways
she reminds me that i will have her love forever