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Be ECO Friendly and SAVE Some Dinero

I hope this Monday finds you with a smile on your face and an attitude to take over the world!  Maybe your attitude is shifting towards, hmmm how can I help to heal the world?  Honestly, I’m not sure how we could heal the world but I think we can definitely slow down the damage we do now.  I try and recycle as often as possible, as I’m sure you do to.  I was super excited when the plastic water bottles were added to the list of what you’re able to cash in at the local supermarkets.  However, I find myself frequently buying bottled water (are you shaking your head in agreement?) and returning many of the bottles back to the store.  I recently read an article on how much energy is consumed in recycling plastics to be reused and incorporated into something new.  So I switched to plastic reusable water bottles.  Have you ever seen the price for them though, some bottles are on the pricey side.  I sucked it up and bought it though.  Of course the bottle I purchased recently broke and I’ve been trying to still use it 🙁

I was at Old Navy a few weeks ago and I found these SUPER CUTE 100% Stainless steel beverage bottles.  They are ECO Friendly and REUSABLE. They come in a few sizes because they are safe for THE WHOLE family.  The tag says that they are:

  • Made from High Quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel is a non-leaching material that does not use BPA in the manufacturing process.  
  • Hand washing is recommended with warm soapy water and air dry (super simple YAY)
  • Intended for use with cold beverages only
  • Not for use with hot liquids or microwave

So say good bye to harmful plastics, help stop damage to our lovely planet and do it all for FIVE BUCKS!  Did I mention they come in many different designs?  Heal the world…make it a better place…for you and for me and the entire Human Race…Michael Jackson said it best, so go buy yours today.  I just bought another one for my niece yesterday, Can’t wait to give it to her!

Let me know what other things you are doing to be ECO Friendly in a comment!
Until then