Brian Tracy Eat That Frog Finding Happyville Giddy Up Take Charge Tuesdays Thought of the Day

From Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog…Light, Camera, ACTION!!!

The key to success is action.  These principles work to bring about fast, predictable improvements in performance and results.  The faster you learn and apply them, the faster you will move ahead in your career- guaranteed!
There will be no limit to what you can accomplish when you learn how to Eat That Frog!” ~Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog, xiv

Its true, the words you just read, action is key.  You can plan the most elaborate idea out to the very last detail, but if it just stays on paper, then that is all that it is;  A plan on paper.  Deciding to take action, while it is great, and awesome if you’ve gotten to the point to decide; it is merely a decision if you never actually act.  So stop thinking, planning and deciding, just act.  Whatever you have been running your thoughts over, act.  Want to take a class? Then sign up for the spring semester.  If you want to pursue baking, bake a cake, decorate it like you’re in a competition and take a picture.  If the goal is so large you’re not sure where to act first, go back to your plan and start at step 1.  The point is START NOW.  Like the saying goes, Do not put off tomorrow what can be done today!  With that said, take the action to find your way to Happyville! Take Charge! Giddy Up!

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Brian Tracy Eat That Frog Finding Happyville Giddy Up Take Charge Tuesdays Thought of the Day

From Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog, We’re on our way to Happyville!

Success Is Predictable….I had developed deep feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.  I had fallen into the mental trap of assuming that people who were doing better than me were actually better than me.  What I learned was that this was not necessarily trueThey were just doing things differently, and what they had learned to do, within reason, I could learn as well.” – Eat That Frog, page xii

It is normal that we take a look around at the people who surround us and wonder what makes them so special.  If they are successful it is human nature to assume that they are “lucky”, because that is usually the general consensus.  We do not realize that these are not our own thoughts, but the thoughts of others, that have been repeated so many times that it because a false truth.  Its easy to say that someone else is successful because they have something you do not.  However, we are all successful, it all begins with taking the first step towards achieving whatever goal we decide to go after.  The difference between “winning” and “losing”, being special or not, is making the decision to act.  ACT.  If your thoughts lie with believing that everyone else is lucky, that you have all the bad luck, that things never go your way, STOP.  We are our own worst enemy.  Figure out what that special person is doing differently, learn it and see results.

Let 2012 be the year that we let go of all the silly notions of not being good enough.  lets GET IT!  Giddy up!  Happyville, hear we come!

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Brian Tracy Eat That Frog Finding Happyville Therapeutic Thursdays Thought of the Day

Are we doing everything we can be doing to make ourselves happy?

Happy Almost Friday to you!  I wanted to start the day off by asking a few questions, directed to you and to myself.  Are we doing everything we can be doing to make ourselves happy?  Now this is a very loaded question!  What makes us happy?  If I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and an excitement to start the day and take on the world, I would define that as happy.  Except that I haven’t felt that in a little while.

Life has a tendency to throw apples and oranges at us.  We slip, fall down to the ground and the direction we go in when we get back up has changed. At least that is how I see it.  It doesn’t have to be that way and I know it.  Sometimes we forget that we’ve done the research and have already figured out what makes us happy;  Whether it is in the moment we are in or we know what to do to get there.  So if you happen to be on my bus going to Happyville or have already reached your destination by all means share what you are doing!  If you are not sure or have come to a crossroads, you can share that to.  It is never to late to get a ticket for the bus.

I have always been an avid reader.  Over the last twelve years or so I have amassed a collection of books from people who have gotten to a success in life that made them happy and have shared their stories.  I am currently working on tackling Procrastination. I want to leave you today with something I read in ‘Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.’ by Brian Tracy.  If you are not familiar with Brian Tracy, he was in sales, made it big and applied the principals he learned to everything in life and now he’s bigger.  The great thing is you do not have to be in sales to take away from this book. 

“The Power of Written Goals…When I could no longer find a laboring job, I got into sales, knocking on doors, working on straight commission.  I struggled from sale to sale until I began looking around me and asking, “Why is it that other people are doing better than I am?”
Then I did something that changed my life.  I began to ask successful people what they were doing that enabled them to be more productive and earn more money than me.  And they told me.  I did what they advised me to do, and my sales went up.  Eventually, I became so successful that I was made a sales manager….
This process of learning and applying what I had learned changed my life.  I am still amazed at how simple and obvious it is.  Just find out what other successful people do and do the same things until you get the same results.  Learn from the experts. Wow! What an idea.” – Eat That Frog
Wow! is right!  Mind you, that kind of information starts in the preface, so you can imagine how the rest of the book is.  I am excited to read it and excited to share my thoughts with you!  Is procrastination one of the things that holds you back from doing things that might make you happy?  Pick up the book, you might read something that turns a light bulb on.  Amazon has it for 9.03 and if you spend $25 you get free shipping. 
I had the honor of meeting Bran Tracy at his seminar.
If you see someone that makes you say, “I want to be doing that!”;  Ask them what they do and how they did it.  Most people love to share their story.  You never know it could lead you to Happyville! 
Until then,