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SPECIAL POST of the How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker Series

Happy Friday!! YIPPEEEE!  On Wednesday, I convinced myself that it was Thursday.  How I did this is beyond  me, but I was sad that I was wrong.  Like the trustworthy friend that Friday is, its here today.  Again I yell YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!  Fridays here on My Pocketful of Thoughts, are a nod to recognizing all the people who have co-workers they would like to kill but didn’t!  For today’s installment of How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker I wanted to share some of the fun comments from the initial post.  
From Scenes From A Single Mom
I like that, #hownottokillyourcoworker…sometimes I come close. I usually take an extra long lunch or put on some good music in my office to dissuade me from catching a case! 
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From ~J

Target practice is a great way to blow off stream that can be coworker induced! I’m fortunate enough to work near a rifle range and I have been known to take a lunch break there a time or two. I have to admit it feels pretty Sandra Bullock-like to be wearing heels and puling the trigger, releasing all the built up tension in a single shot. No one is going to distract you if you have a gun in your hands. If you don’t live near a range, there are always the office-size Nurf gun options!

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From Julie Jordan Scott

Ohmigawsh. This is one of the reasons I leaped into self employment, there were too many co-workers I wanted to kill… except now I do theater and instead, I sorta long to do away with some of my cast mates. Right now I might want to kill her by tying her costume corset over her face! Sheeesh. She is such a pill pill pill kinda girl!

Anyway, one more week of rehearsals, two weekends of shows and then… no more of her thank GOODNESS!!! 

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From Chasing Joy

What has helped me is venting. I always feel better after I write a Fb status about the annoying co-worker. One time I wrote a full blog post on how a co-worker was acting like a 2 year old so I looked up parenting advice on dealing with the terrible 2s. I was laughing by the end of the post. 

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Music, long lunches, gun ranges, self-employment and creative venting, all great ways on How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker!
Feel free to share if you have ways to cope at work and successfully NOT kill your co-worker by weeks end, OR what they do that drives you bananas. Lets face it, your co-worker is not worth going to jail for, at least you can have a little fun! The most clever ways to cope may appear in a special post!    Maybe you’ll see your’s here next time.

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