Dancing on a plane dancing on an airplane FAA Harlem Shake harlem shake on an airplane youtube

#Harlem #Shake on an #Airplane… Dumb or Genius?

After today we ALL might be banned from dancing on airplanes … I can’t believe I just typed that …The FAA is NOT happy after a plane full of people participated in a Harlem Shake video for YouTube.

I think this video is hilarious and I’m a little sad that I didn’t think of it. My co-workers and I were talking about doing one ourselves but how can we possibly top this one? On the flip side it makes me sad that a simple fun dance would be thought of as a potential distraction for someone to take over the plane. After 911 I could see why the Pilot might have been concerned. However, I cannot see them just doing the dance, would they not at least run it by a flight attendant? Then the flight attendant could warn the pilot? How would you plan it?

What are your thoughts? Was it harmless fun OR a potential distraction for what could have been a devastating disaster?

Until then,

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