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Do you ideeli? If not you should and here’s your invite!

I’ve been saving for several months now for the month of June.  My dad’s birthday is the week before father’s day and my boyfriend’s birthday is at the end of the month.  Add to it this year my niece’s graduation and I hear the sound of an adding machine as the dollars add up.  Thanks to my planning in advance and my keen antenna for sales, I’m slightly excited to spend money on my loved ones this month.  That is partly do to this amazing website I was introduced to last year.  Its an exclusive shopping site that allows you to purchase amazing name brand and designer labels at a fraction of the cost. No REALLY.  I got this beautiful Alexis Hudson bag last February, that retails for 700+ for a little under 200 after shipping.  Now yes, I know, I shouldn’t be spending that much money on a purse, at least not right now anyways, BUT did I mention how beautiful it was.

Since that purchase, I’ve picked up sandals, jewelry, and home goods.  Did I mention their amazing give aways.  A few months back I won the CHANEL Giveaway. The thing I love is that joining the site is FREE and you are under no obligation to buy anything.

Its an invitation only shopping site and lucky for you I have your invitation.

So find some awesome gifts for you and your loved ones.  Follow the link and set up a profile and just like that BAM you’re in….It can’t hurt to see the sales 🙂

Take Me To Ideeli!

Happy Shopping!

Until then