love poetry Story Time Saturdays

where are all the happy love songs?

listening to the radio and some of my favorite cds

cant help but to notice that love sounds like a disease
there’s the potential break up songs
and the you’ve done me wrong songs
the I’m throwing dishes cause you’ve pissed me off songs
the i caught you lying you stupid ass songs
is that the chic you’ve been cheating on me with songs
the she broke my heart into pieces songs
the i can do what you like songs
and there’s how i fell in love with the dj
now don’t get me wrong Cham is a good looking dude and he can sing to me anytime but where are all the happy love songs?

the i look into your eyes and i get lost songs,
and the it hurts when I’m not with you songs,
or the i cant sleep cause i haven’t gotten to speak to you today songs,
or the i love you too much so lets forget about the stupid toothpaste songs?
or the make love to me on the hood of your car while its pouring rain songs (no lightening of course)
or is that what Kelis meant to say when she sang in public
where are the i cant get enough of you because of the deep emotions that you cause me to have, oh wait no that is Tamia
seems to me that no matter what language you listen to it in, there are just not enough happy love songs!

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In the Blink of an Eye…

I stared at him from the top of the porch stairs.
 I blinked back tears. 
Neither of us moved, we had said so many things, so many angry things, too much to take back. The scene of earlier was etched into my mind.  It replayed over and over again like a broken record.  
A clean break.  That’s what I needed.  That’s what I wanted.  It made sense.  Right?  I gave him back his ring.  But he didn’t take it.  He left it behind before he walked out the door.  I couldn’t follow him.
Chained to my bed with the weight of the loss of him.  My tears slid into the ocean that had been my pillow.  What have I done?  If you love someone, set them free and if its meant to be they’ll come back to you.  Unicorns and fairy tales.  
But. There. He. Is. His eyes were intent upon me, not even a blink. 
 I blinked back tears.
I felt the ring making its mark on my palm.  He stood in the pouring rain, drenched from head to toe, and it wasn’t getting me soaked that stopped me from stepping off the porch, it was pride.  
But I had been lying to myself for months, denying him my love, to feel loved, and to hear the words. So much time has passed.  
But now, staring at him, only four feet away, I felt that the words were now on the tip of my tongue, longing to be said.  
I blinked back tears. 
A rush of emotion flowed through me as I ran to him, into his arms, and I looked into his eyes, and finally found the courage to say it, “I love you, I have since the first day that we met, its like, I’ve searched for you my entire life and here you are,  and I was afraid if I embraced that feeling, that you’d leave, and take my heart with you.  I gave it to you once and I never got it back.’ 
He stared back, and without saying a word, I leaned forward and kissed him.  There in that moment nothing else existed, just me, him, and the rain.  But his arms were firmly pushing me away, his eyes were large and sad. 
I blinked faster.
His lips moved but I heard no sound.  Am I ok?, he’s asking.  Seeing someone else?  Am I hearing this right? But we’re meant to be? 
My face was wet from the rain but I blinked back my tears anyways.  
If you love someone, set them free and if its meant to be they’ll come back to you.

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love poetry Story Time Saturdays

Actin di Fool

Me had a good dream las night
Woke me up lef me out breat
drippin wet wit sweat
ya have me actin da fool
  me hate ya one minute
  and love ya da next
ya under me skin
inside me head
me tink of ya
and ya on di fone askin me to speak
fa da most part lef speechless
not know wat to say
but ya got me actin di fool
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Complete me………….

i love when he holds my hand in his

he looks at me and looks into my soul and i seem to always know the words to say like a script written just for us
he kisses me with the hottest passion i’ve every felt
all he has to do is smile and he makes me smile
he makes me laugh when he says the silliest of things
he helps me grow as a person
he tells me i’m beautiful even on my sickest days
he pushes me the hardest and reminds me to be my best
he reminds me that I will have his love forever

i love how her hand fits perfectly in mine, as if she were made just for me
i love when i look into her eyes and she knows my thoughts without even having me speak
her lips leave me hungry, sweet and complex just like bonkers
i love that when i smile, she smiles
i love her even more when she laughs at my stupid jokes
she helps me grow as a person
she is the most gorgeous creature that God has ever made
its her voice i hear that i can do more that i can be better in the most positive of ways
she reminds me that i will have her love forever

love poetry Story Time Saturdays

I wish you well from the bottom of my heart, but i have to walk away for me.

So I’m a lot of things

Descriptions so obscure
What’s your emotion, and please don’t tell me what i want.
That’s not an answer, not by a long shot.
I needed to hear that you need me, that i meant something to you.
To talk about things that are not working is great for communication 
 but if nothing is done then they are wasted words.
Its fine that you feel nothing,
Cause I can easily walk away,
I once admitted that I loved you
but now the feelings have gone away.
In the moment I didn’t see it going down like this,
but in the back of my mind it was a possibility.
I saw so much in you, perhaps it was too much.
In the end what i thought i needed from you
was to be happy but i found that in myself.
Perhaps we needed each other for the moment
and now the moment has come to pass.
I thank you for showing me I could love again,
and if I’m wrong then I apologize. 
Here’s to the new year and new possibilities, the sky’s the limit
and i wish you well from the bottom of my heart but I had to walk away for me.
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Spend time with the one you’re with….Feed your soul.

…There’s that song….’Love the one you’re with’, well spend time with them to.  Yesterday was a lovely Saturday.  The sun was bright and shining.  The temperature was in the high 90’s.  I had talked myself into staying in the comforts of my air conditioned bedroom.  I threw the list of things I wanted to do out the window.  Some days you just want to do absolutely nothing.  Especially when there is a laundry list of things to do.  This didn’t happen though.  Instead I enjoyed a lovely day with my boyfriend.  He reminded me of the plans I had made the day before and I was going to do them whether I wanted to or not.  I dragged my heels for a good hour, when I should have been getting ready but I wanted to have a little “do nothing” time. Once I was dressed and ready to go, my spirits picked up.

We started off our Saturday afternoon with a delicious lunch at Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s.   This restaurant is located in downtown Bridgeport.  I have been here a handful of times, and I have never been disappointed.  It is a lovely place to have large groups of people.  Once Daniel’s hunger was tamed we ventured off to the Art’s Festival on the Green in Bridgeport.

 It was great to see all the people come out for this event, despite the heat. It is important to support artists, after all they help us to see the beauty in all things.  I picked up some beautiful prints from my friend Shanna Melton; to see her works you can visit  It has been a pleasure to see her painting evolve.  She is also now doing photography.  Aside from paintings, there were a number of jewelry vendors and other items of an artistic nature.  We cooled off with generous cups of ice cream.  A band was playing melodies and we even got to watch a fashion show; who knew how pretty a dress could be, made up of different ties.  I didn’t snap a picture of that because the model moved to fast for my bloggie, but take my word, it was very pretty.

Photo from Fandango

We rushed off from the art’s festival to catch the 1:45 showing of Ted starting  Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.  Its a story about a grown man and his teddy bear.  I won’t ruin it for you if you plan on seeing it.  The one liners will keep you amused throughout the movie, but I suggest you watch it during matinee hours.  It is not worth a full price ticket. If you have kids, this is Rated R, I DO NOT recommend this movie for children under 17.

No movie is complete without dinner, right?  We shared a delicious meal at Taco Loco in Bridgeport.  On my quest of trying new things, I fell in love with Yucca Fries, Dos XX beer and Lime Cilantro dressing.  I meant to take a picture of my Avocado with Mahi salad, but I forgot and I ate it all. :/   I assure you from the trace of absolutely nothing on my plate that it was delicious.  Desert was purchased at the local Stop and Shop, Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Ice Cream and FRESH Strawberries.  

A few episodes of one of my favorite t.v. series on Netflix is how we ended the evening.

Daniel and I did a lot yesterday, but none of it was really important.  It was a rare treat to have that chunk of time.  We could have done absolutely nothing.  What was important was the time we spent together.  It is important to spend time with loved ones.  Its one of those things that feeds our souls, like I spoke of last Sunday.  Sometimes life gets so busy that we put off saying Hi to a friend or a family member.  It is not done on purpose but it just gets pushed back on the list of things to do.  If you’re reading this and someone has popped into your head, then take a few seconds and send them a text.  Type Hi and add a smiley face 🙂 This translates to… Its ME and I was thinking of YOU.   This Sunday feed your soul by giving that estranged friend a call or the aunt you haven’t seen in many moons.  Feed your soul.

Until then,

love poetry Story Time Saturdays What I Know

What I Know

If I grab you by your hand as you turn to walk away,
you would stay a little longer and then you’d go.

If I look into your eyes, I don’t have to say whats on my mind
because somehow you already know.

If I told you that i was cold, you would come to keep me warm
never would you leave me shivering and alone.

If I said that I was hungry, you would cook me up a storm
never ever throwing me just a bone.

If we were caught in a blizzard, you wouldn’t stay in the house
you’d come out and play with me in the snow.

And if you did something crazy, I’d be there right beside you
because that is the only way we roll.