7 Must-do’s for paying down your debt

Do you have a list of must do’s for paying down your debt? Or are you looking for a new approach to hit your financial goals? What if keeping your financial to-do list simple gave you better results? I’ve kept my to-do list fairly simple and easy to follow for the past ten years. I’ve had many successes in hitting financial goals with my to-do list. It has also helped me steer through and around financial surprises.  Read on to read my 7 must do’s for paying down your debt. Continue reading 7 Must-do’s for paying down your debt

Quiet the voices when paying down your debt!

I was reminded at the end of April that sometimes you have to quiet the voices when paying down your debt! Even when you are on track and paying down your debt, the voice of doubt still manages to creep in. You feel like there HAS TO BE something else you could be doing. When your debt total is large like mine, you  can get depressed. You begin to feel hopeless. This is why you should have someone you check in with to keep you accountable. I delayed sharing my numbers last month  after having a discussion with my financial advisor, Annette. She reminded me that a person paying down debt always has a list of options. Read on for that list.

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Patience is a bitch when you’re paying down debt!

Patience is a bitch when you're paying down debt! ... How to turn that around ... On My Pocketful of Thoughts - Money Mondays

Patience is a bitch when you’re paying down debt! I think of how many clients I told, “It took a while to rack it up and it’ll take even longer to pay it off… but it will! You have to stay positive!” I remember saying that to myself again last April. If you’ll remember I mentioned in Debt Keeps Me Up At Night that I was ready to finally share my journey on paying down debt. I had been ashamed to do so prior but I was seeing the light again and my debt was going down! …Then $&*5 hit the fan. It began to rain unexpected financial surprises. I was prepared for NONE of them! Read on to see what has changed over the past year!

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Are you in need of a Grocery Budget Tutor?

grocery challenge with the Grocery Budget Tutor Amiyrah Martin

97 days, 21 hours, 13 minutes  and counting . . . With the upcoming wedding, Daniel and I have discussed starting our family sooner than later. Our food budget for two will grow. I’m usually great with budgeting but figuring out the special math to go grocery shopping, well that wasn’t taught in school! Or was I sleeping :/  I can save us money on fashion finds but that won’t feed us will it?  My Pushing Lovely sister, Amiyrah has a gift for feeding her family of 4-1/2!  I’m so excited to share that Amiyrah has started a new business called Grocery Budget Tutor! Read on for an exciting #GroceryChallenge and a chance to win money! Continue reading Are you in need of a Grocery Budget Tutor?

[ Book Review ] Help On The Way by Chris Orestis

Help On The Way by Chris Orestis; Book Review featured on My Pocketful of Thoughts on Healthcare and Life Insurance Conversion to a Long Term Care Benefit; http://mypocketfulofthoughts.com/

Last week I mentioned that June was Men’s Health Month. The article I read by Chris Oresti made me want to read his book Help On The Way. Healthcare is a topic that is on my mind a lot lately. My parents are now both retirement age as of this year. Their health is OK most days due to the cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs that allow them to be. I’ll be moving out in November after I get married. They’re well being is a priority. Neither could afford a financial blow due to unexpected medical expenses. It peaked my interest to read about the possibility of using a life insurance policy to pay for assisted living and home care. Read on to read an excerpt and my thoughts on the book.  Continue reading [ Book Review ] Help On The Way by Chris Orestis

Who pays for the wedding?

Are you wondering who is paying for the wedding? Then you need to have this discussion! This article is part of the #Wedding Planning Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts

Do you know who is paying for your wedding? When Daniel and I had our vision session for our fall masquerade wedding, I got caught up in the fantasy of it all. I could hear the music playing, the dance floor was packed and my feet were killing me. <– I didn’t even care that my feet hurt! Daniel and I were having a blast! But after we finished doing a preliminary wedding guest list, I thought to myself how much is this all going to cost? Our count was at 225 and Continue reading Who pays for the wedding?

Debt Keeps Me Up At Night

Confessions of A Single Woman: Debt Gives Me Nightmares ... 5 Things I Tell Myself to Keep Positive About My Debt  http://wp.me/p3jfjy-Ni

My debt keeps me up most nights. It wasn’t always that way though. It seems like forever ago, but I used to be positive about my debt. I know what you’re thinking. How can I say positive AND debt in the same sentence? I assure you it’s possible to feel positive about your debt. I did it for years. I got myself on a debt elimination diet. It was going down! Yay! I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. But then a couple of unexpected expenses came up AT THE SAME TIME and the light began to dim. Then the light disappeared completely and I tried not to panic. What the FROG is touching my leg?!!! I really am afraid of the dark. Are you struggling to stay positive about your debt? I’ve been feeling overwhelmed for the past 14 months until I remembered my financial services training last week. Continue reading Debt Keeps Me Up At Night