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Don’t shoot! I’m NOT a real zombie!

im not a #zombie !!! don't shoot! - My Pocketful of Thoughts

I’m not a real zombie! I swear! It’s just been a rough couple of months! No really. No one bit me that was zombie-esque. Although, that would explain a lot. You see what had happened was . . .

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Random thoughts during Hurricane Sandy…


  • 7:00 amThe winds have started to pick up this early Monday morning.  The first high tide is coming in a bit and they are worried of serious flooding.
  • 1:00 pmThe first high tide did not bring in as much water as we expected.  We’re off to a good start.  A lot of the people I spoke to yesterday seem to be unconcerned, I hope they evacuate anyways.
  • 2:00 pmNot feeling well, I’m going to take advantage of this quiet afternoon with a nice long nap.  
  • 5:00 pmWe lost power a few hours ago, just lost my window of having a hot meal for dinner; stupid nap.  The wind has begun to pick up more.
  • 6:30 pm I have been getting texts from family members and friends, some have power and some don’t, maybe it won’t be so bad after all.  My niece has called to tell me she still has power and since they were bored she’s out joy riding to access the damages. Wait, what?!
  • 8:00 pmThe wind has picked up a great deal.  Leaves and debris float on invisible waves like a perfectly timed flash mob.  My attic bedroom is shaking; I keep thinking of images of a silent screaming women taking flight.  At least the candles give the illusion that all is well.
  • photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via photopin cc
  • 10:30 pm – I can’t read anymore.  The wind seems to be dying down now; my eyes won’t stay open.  There’s still no power.  I am not feeling well.  I will let the dark night take me to dream land.  


  • 7:03 am – Danny, the boyfriend, brings me much needed coffee.  He mentions being stopped three times by the police.  It is understandable that after a hurricane people would stay indoors.  Right?  I spend the next five hours charging my phone and my kindle in the car.  Not once does it occur to me to turn on the radio.
  • 12:30 pm – More cars are on the road and lots of people are walking around.  I go back into the house.  Still NO power.
  • 5:00 pm – I just woke up from an almost four hour nap.  I am starting to feel better.  I am starving.  We’re all starving.  Still NO power.
  • 5:30 pm – I venture out to find hot food.  Traffic lights are not working.  People are not driving crazy.  Trees are knocked down.  Where to eat?  Closed.  Closed.  Closed.  No Power.  My favorite Chinese food spot is open.  Operating by flashlight. Hmmmm. I am hungry.  My last hot meal was breakfast Monday morning.  Granola, bread, and fruit are not cutting it.  Hey, where are the UI guys?
  • 10:30 pm – I regret already eating that Chinese food.  Rumor has it that the UI guys are on strike.  Apparently out of state line guys have been paid almost triple, with five star hotel check-ins and gourmet meals.  I just want my power.  Tonight is supposed to be cold.  I can’t read anymore.  The dark night still seems surreal.  I fall asleep to the sound of humming generators, ambulance sirens and the dark.  Still NO power.


  • 5:20 am – Still NO Power.  I get up to wake my father for work.  It was hard to get out of bed, so cold. I go back to sleep
  • 7:00 am – I wake up to a nice hot shower and get ready for work.  Thank God for Gas Water Heaters!  Downtown Bridgeport has power?! Drive to Panera Bread for breakfast and it was packed.  A quick scan and overheard conversations, a good portion of Shelton and Trumbull are out of power to.  Driving to work I see that the power is not on in the building.  Decide to drive home, stopped at the Dunkin donuts in Bridgeport to grab coffee for my mom and the line is coming out of the door, drive through is wrapping around the building. Craig, the newspaper guy, sends me to the cafe in the lot next door.  Bless his soul.  
  • 1:00 pm –  Still NO power.  I did see a UI guy working on the tree a few blocks away.  I wonder if the rumors are true?  If so I pray the negotiations are moved along.  Its cold.  Nap time?
  • 3:00 pm – Can’t get warm.  I throw on layers and head over to the cafe that has free wi-fi.  They have the door open?  Why?!  Don’t they know I’m trying to defrost?  I almost tear up to see all the concerned souls praying and sending love my way on Facebook.
  • 5:00 pm – I get to my sister’s house, who has power, to warm up with an invite to dinner.  I step out to find soup for my mom to find the Chinese place closed.  Driving home I do not know how to explain to my mom I could not find soup and decide I can heat up a can of soup.  Oh, what wait, street lights?  Yes.  oh wait but not on this block.  Turning onto my street I see them, bright and beautiful.  I run into the house, We have POWER!  My mom forgives me for not finding soup.
  • 11:30 pm – I am thankful that the power came back on, its warm and my belly is full.  God is good.  So are all the people in my life!

I was very fortunate during Hurricane Sandy.  While my household suffered the loss of power, Monday into Tuesday evening was warm.  There are people that have lost their homes. Some have lost their lives. There are many still without power.  My thoughts and prayers stay with them during this time and I pray they find relief soon. May we all go to sleep with the street lights on tonight.

photo credit: Bigod via photopin cc
Until then,

    2012 happy new year Random Thoughts

    Feliz Ano Nuevo!

    On this second day of the year of 2012, I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year!  May it be filled with love, laughter and accomplished goals!  I feel good about this year.  Great things are going to happen for all of us if we stay focused, work hard and remember to play hard to!  I hope that 2011 has been reflected upon, we’ve learned our lessons and are ready to take on 2012 by storm.  After all, we were destined to do so!

    Until then

    Random Thoughts

    People with glass houses should not throw stones…

    I am at the laundry mat this morning.  I got up super early to be out of the house at 6 but procrastination seems to always get the best of me. I left a few short seconds shy of 7.  I got all the clothes in and sat down to study for an upcoming exam.  A woman came in about 15 minutes after me and I noticed her leggings were black and umm… see-thru.  All I saw were stripes and I thought to myself I would never walk out of the house not knowing if someone can see my undies without intentionally showing them (this is not to say that I go around showing people my undies).

    The buzzer went off to let me know my first load was done and for some reason or another I looked down and noticed a tag on my shirt.  Sure enough I have my shirt on inside out.  I would never leave the house with my shirt on inside out, who does that? Well, apparently me.

    Today’s lesson is people with glass houses should not throw stones.  Well the buzzer has gone off for the second load’s completion and I have glass shards to clean up.  Have a terrific Tuesday!
                               Until then,

    Random Thoughts

    Happy Monday

    May everyone have a safe Labor Day!

    Random Thoughts Shoes Shopping Therapeutic Thursdays

    16 seconds straight…

    We’re a day short of the weekend and if that makes you sad, smile for 16 seconds straight.  The studies show that smiling for that length of time sends neurotransmitters to your brain signaling that you are in a good mood.  If the 16 seconds are done and you’re still in a funk on this terrific Thursday, shoes might cheer you up.  Yes you to fellas!  Don’t shake your head, I think guys are just as crazy about clothes and shoes as us ladies.  A trip to a very far mall to acquire a pair of $90 shoes confirms my answer…for whom I went, his name will remain nameless 🙂

    Shoes for less…Payless….This is by far not an official advertisement for Payless, but I figured their email to me got my attention when it featured their Summer 2010 Designer Collection.  So the shopaholic in me will tell you to wait for their B1G1 1/2 Price Sale but in the meantime pick out the ones you like 🙂

    For Women these caught my eye (Clicking on the links will bring you to a visual aid):

    Scalloped Peep-Toe Pump by Christian Siriano for Payless – Christian Siriano has a FIERCE sense, while keeping it simple.  I have a pair that he did during the fall for payless and they were SUPER high and SUPER cute 🙂

    Anise Bow Flat by zoe&zac – These look SUPER COMFY! 

    Wait for It Sandal by Montego Bay Club These look SUPER FUN! 

    Rope Wedge Sandal by Dexter – These look like they’d be perfect for my feet in Mexico 🙂

    Neilson Bow Flat Lela Rose for Payless –These are cute for a night out with the girls 🙂

     Fellas not sure what your taste is but here is the link to the men’s section on the Payless site AND there is a sale 🙂  Go to Men’s Shoes

    If shoes do not cheer you up try the smiling thing again! Let me know if it works for you and what other things you do to get yourself in a gooooooooooood mood.

    Until then
    Random Thoughts Stay Tuned

    Confessions of an Entrepreneur

    mrRua is a twenty-something year old friend of mine, with an understanding of how money works.  I’ve asked him about his latest adventure in becoming a landlord.  There are many avenues to take when investing your hard earned money, next Money Monday I’ll be writing about one of them.  In the interim mrRua will explain Why he became a landlord.

    Until then