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[ Movie Review ] Heaven is FOR REAL!

Heaven is for Real Meme - Movie Review on My Pocketful of Thoughts

When Heaven Is for Real first came out I had to see what it was about. From the previews I saw that a small boy undergoes surgery and tells his father that he’s seen Jesus AND spent time in heaven. I’ve been sitting on this review because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to point out to you. After several months, I’ve realized why I had such a hard time writing a Heaven Is for Real movie review. Read on to see if Heaven Is for Real is a movie worth watching. 

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[Movie Review] Maleficent may NOT be suitable for small children.

Angelina Jolie is Malificent - #Movie Review on My Pocketful of Thoughts
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Maleficent may not be suitable for small children. I just saw it and I was a bit taken back by some of the scenes. Sitting in a theater full of families with small children, I was concerned. As a future mother of small children, my thoughts ran to how they’d sleep tonight. Whether the cries and screams that I heard throughout the movie were actually due to what was on the big screen is uncertain. Nightmares? Maybe. If you have small children please be mindful that Maleficent is rated PG. Parental Guidance IS suggested. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, read on for my overall thoughts of the latest Disney movie.

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[Movie Review] Lessons to Learn from Mike & Sully from Monsters University!

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I have been waiting for this movie to come out for MONTHS! I absolutely loved the first one; Monster’s Inc. was a sweet movie for the whole family. This afternoon I saw that I was not the only one who was excited for it to come out. Groups of families , tween entourages, grown men, single ladies and little girls in tiara’s, all came out to see the Disney Pixar flick. I know that the movie was entertaining but in this installment we learned a lot about Mike WAZOWSKI and James P. Sullivan.

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[Movie Review] Why I Need More Star Trek!

Star Trek Should I go see it?

I remember catching episodes of Star Trek when I was younger and feeling completely lost. I never got into them and I never watched the movies. When I saw the preview for the first movie of the newer version of Star Trek, I thought the previews looked pretty good. When the movie came out I went to watch it. I was presently surprised as to how much I liked it.