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[ Movie Review ] A Moms’ Night Out You Wouldn’t Wish on Your Enemy

Moms Night Out Movie Review - My Pocketful of Thoughts

When was the last time you had a Moms’ Night Out? If you’re looking for a movie that anyone can identify with then you’re in luck. Moms’ Night Out has a cast of character’s that the entire family can relate to! Have you seen it yet? No? Keep reading to see my thoughts in this movie review!

Girls Night Movies Movie Reviews movies for tweens

[ Movie Review ] The Other Woman

8 reasons to watch the other woman ... Movie Review on My Pocketful of Thoughts

Should you see the movie The Other Woman? Just ask Daniel! LOL Yes, I asked him if he wanted to see a movie with three hot women. He was in the car before I could put my shoes on. It wasn’t until we were seated in the theater with my niece that he realized it was a chick flick. It was too late though and I drove, so he couldn’t leave. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him

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Is Runner Runner worth the $1.28 at Redbox #MovieReview

Can I watch Runner Runner for Date Night?

 Is Runner Runner a potential movie for date night? This is what Daniel and I

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Gone Girl and 2 Guns #Review

Reviews of the book Gone Girl and the movie 2 Guns

Gone Girl and 2 Guns, Did they live up to the hype? Hmm…

Tuesday was the first time in two months since Daniel and I have stepped foot in a movie theater.  It wasn’t from a lack of selections but from lack of opportunity. Summer was

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9 Movies to Bribe YOUR Kids with!


9 movies to bribe your kids with including trailers,
Last month when I watched Monster’s University I was amazed by how many movies were coming out that were child friendly.

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[Movie Review] 3 #Movies to Watch with Your Sweetheart #pocketThoughts

3 movies to watch with your sweetie

These past few weeks have been brutally hot in Connecticut. This week we’re supposed to see a record 7 day heat wave. Advisory warnings have been in effect almost every day! Daniel and I have been escaping the heat at the theater. Our usually Tuesday date night has expanded to seeing two to three movies per week. We’re not alone though. We’ve noticed an increase in other people hitting the theater to keep cool. If you join us, do you know what to watch?

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[Movie Review] Was The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy funny? #pocketThoughts

3 reasons to go see the heat

A few months ago, Danny and I saw the preview for The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and we thought Yes, that looks FUNNY!