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Tips for Purchasing your Dream Home

Purchasing your dream home soon? Do you know what you should look for when searching for your next home? Would you like some tips for purchasing your dream home? Daniel and I are choosing between purchasing our dream home and renting an apartment. The first thing of course we ask ourselves, How much home can we afford to purchase? We’re leaning towards renting an apartment. Paying down debt and saving for our wedding hasn’t left much room in the budget to save for a home purchase. Regardless of whether you’re thinking of purchasing a home or renting an apartment, the tips that expert Elizabeth Dodson shared with us will work for you whether you’re newly engaged, newlyweds, married or in the “let’s move in” phase of your life. Read on for 6 tips Elizabeth advises newlyweds should think about when purchasing their first home.

Paying Off Debt Shopping

Cyber Monday Shopping and Christmas Gift Ideas!

christmas gift shopping, the best techniqueI can’t believe that I’ve left abandoned carts all over the 

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Minted for Holiday Cards and Wedding Invites

minted sponsored post

How Easy is it to use Did you score any deals for the holiday season this week? Since I’m budgeting for the wedding now, I’ve decided to take it easy on buying gifts for myself others. This weekend hasn’t been easy


#PS4 SOLD OUT at local Hawley Lane #Target

i almost had my hands on the ps4!

Did you stand in line for hours to get your hands on the PS4? I got to Target this morning at 7:24 am. I parked and

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5 Tips when #SHOPPING For Your NEXT Hotel Stay

5 tips when shopping for your next hotel stay

One of the things I love to do is visit new places. Don’t we all though? Over the years I’ve learned that the best way to plan for a trip is to do research. Research helps you get the most bang for your buck. There are specific things to look for to ensure you have the best possible time

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April’s #Beauty Challenge Presents: #Fashion Shopping Tips with @BrandiJeter #Frumpy2Fab

5 Tips for New Fashionistas

Good morning loves! How are you looking today, FABULOUS right? If you’re just tuning in a few weeks ago, in April’s #Frumpy2Fab Challenge, I challenged everyone to step up their game! Some of us, ladies AND gents, get comfortable at home or at work and we let appearance slide. I am SUPER guilty of this. After having several conversations with some of my friends on the topic, we decided to do something about it. Of course I have to take you along for the ride! Are you taking the challenge? There’s still plenty of time to jump in!

If you are taking the challenge make sure you’re tagging @djrelat7 and #Frumpy2Fab on Instagram or Twitter!

Today on My Pocketful of Thoughts we’re talking about tips to shop like a Fashionista. I was having this conversation with the Traveling Guru Brandi from Mama Knows It All and I told her a few of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years. So…if you want to shop like a fashionista, head on over to Mama Knows It All where I am Guest Writing.  Click to read How To Shop Like A Fashionista!

Happy Shopping ladies and gentlemen!


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Black Friday Shopping

photo credit: Paul Garland via photopin cc

Once Upon A Time, Black Friday Shopping began at 5 am on the Friday AFTER Thanksgiving.  Over the last few years though, the time has gotten earlier and earlier.  Today Black Friday Shopping begins tonight, with times varying by store.  I can recall vividly, being over my best friend’s house on Thanksgiving evening and we would pour over the flyers looking for which stores and what buys we would aim to get.  We would create a strategy and break into teams to attack different stores simultaneously, thus increasing our chances of getting everything on our shopping lists.  We would wake up at the crack of dawn and race to be there first, to only find the people who had camped there the night before in the very front of the line.  Best Buy a few years back actually had employees outside with Dunkin Donut’s coffee to warm up us eager shoppers. It’s just not the same.

Last week I talked about finding great buys at Holiday Shopping Events, but if you haven’t found one to attend and have yet to start your holiday shopping, tomorrow or tonight is another great opportunity to start.  You only need patience, strategy and energy.  If you have that, then you’re prepared to take on the great feat.  Are you going to take advantage of any deals tomorrow?

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