Genesis 4

genesis 4We are now on Chapter 4 of Genesis in from The Daily Walk Bible NLT (New Living Translation).It is available on Amazon if you haven’t purchases it yet. Every Sunday tune in to read another chapter and reflect on one of the questions asked in the guide. You can write your thoughts in the comments section or write them down in a journal. When I read different excerpts of the Bible, I like to write notes down. It’s a great way to really take the words in. In general we are Continue reading Genesis 4

Genesis 3

#Genesis 3 - Let's Read the #Bible Together with My Pocketful of Thoughts, Every Sunday

Today we are reading Genesis 3 from The Daily Walk Bible NLT (New Living Translation). If you’re just tuning in you can read Genesis 1 here and Genesis 2 here. You can purchase this Bible from Amazon if you haven’t yet.

Before I leave you with an excerpt and some thoughts from the guide let’s remind ourselves what we’re grateful for. I try and make this a habit every day but ESPECIALLY on Sundays because my work week starts on Monday. What are you grateful for? Continue reading Genesis 3

Genesis 2

Genesis 2 - The one where Adam and Eve are created & become the first married couple  ... Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts #God #Jesus #Bible #Catholic

Hola! Welcome to another installment of Let’s Read the Bible! Today we’ll be reading Genesis 2. If you do not have The Daily Walk Bible – NLT yet you can purchase it here or view today’s reading here. If you missed last week’s reading of Genesis 1 you can catch up here. This is my very first attempt at reading the Bible from start to finish. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me Continue reading Genesis 2