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This morning I stopped at Panera Bread to grab breakfast.  The line was short so I got my order in right away.  As I was fixing my cup of coffee I overheard a conversation between two men.  Guy A was telling Guy B about living in Bridgeport.  Guy B was shocked, “You live in Bridgeport?!” Guy A jumped to the defense, “Oh, I live on the good side of Bridgeport….there are parts of Bridgeport that are very nice…”   I tuned them out.  I wanted to knock over their coffee.  I’m from Bridgeport, not necessarily the “good side”, but what difference should that make.  I guess it is just a natural reaction to want to defend where you live.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve been doing that all my life.  I was born and raised in Bridgeport.  I lived in the “projects” for the first half of my life.  I’ve seen some stuff but I never felt like it touched me.

 I wanted to speak out to Guy A and Guy B, to momentarily fall into the stereotype that plagues the city of Bridgeport.  My home.  What would that solve?  Nothing.  So I did nothing.  While this is my home, I have to admit that it sometimes scares me.  Bridgeport claimed another child’s life.  My mind races towards thoughts of my nieces and nephew.  Young and impressionable, and I pray that they remain untouched by this city.  I say a prayer for them, for all the children and to their parents that we all come home safe and sound.

Tomorrow, we’ll hear from one of my best friends, Nubian Bride.  She’s the next writer to bless My Pocketful Of Thoughts.  She writes a heartfelt letter to her son in response to the recent lives taken.  You may want to grab a kleenex or two before you read it, just in case.  Make sure to show her some love.

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..the NEWest writer to bless the My Pocketful Of Thoughts blog…

I hope that you are well on this Therapeutic Thursday!  Today I am introducing the NEWest writer to bless the My Pocketful Of Thoughts blog.  She comes to us from the land NY, NY.  She does outreach work with the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  She has a passion for fashion-from shoes to makeup, nail polish to handbags, and everything in between! Coupled with that she believes that all women need to feel beautiful, no matter what circumstances they may be facing. Women are powerful beings and WE need to realize it! Sadly, many women are hearing those devastating words ‘you have cancer.’ Despite a cancer diagnosis, women can still feel beautiful in their own skin. Fashion is a wonderful way to feel strong and confident. On Sunday she will share the reality of cancer and how women can say ‘YES I have cancer, but I am no less beautiful than I was before my diagnosis‘.
It takes a certain type of person to go out and make others feel good about themselves.  Please help me welcome Jackie Clark to My Pocketful Of Thoughts.  STAY TUNED!  Her post will appear this coming Soulful Sunday.  In the meantime check her out at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.
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New Guest Blogger To Join My Pocketful Of Thoughts

Coming to us this Saturday as our newest guest blogger for Story Time Saturdays is Daniel Dias from Daniel Dias Photography.  A picture is worth a thousand words and so are his photos.  Daniel Dias Photograpy’s current focus is on portraits.  He is currently working on a Facebook page and a blog to feature events, projects and photo sessions, so Stay Tuned for that as well!  Enjoy and feel free to comment on his selections.  If you happen to miss any you can find his work under the Labels Story Time Saturdays or Daniel Dias Photography.

What’s on your affirmation list?

How are you on this marvelous Thursday?  I am grateful that it is ALMOST FRIDAY!! WOOHOOO!  But on a serious note, have you given the affirmations a try, if you’ve never done them before?  Are you waking up and being grateful for all the things you have, all the things you are, and all the things to come?  Are you saying to yourself right now, that I’m a little crazy?  Hey, that’s ok!  You are entitled to your own opinion.  However, it is none of my business what you think of me 🙂  Maybe you’ll change your mind once you get to hear examples of the things that I wrote out, on a daily basis when I would first wake up in the morning, in the weeks to come. I have found that reminding yourself of all the things you want to be directs you on your path of what you will be; of what you already are.

I have to say, after starting them up again, it changes the way I see the day.  I seem to smile more and laugh more.  I get this calm sense of purpose with a side of giddiness.  Waking up with an attitude of gratitude, seems to change the way I see the world, and I like it!   I’m excited to hear all about how affirmations are going for you, so feel free to drop in a line in a comment.

Stay Tuned for this coming Story Time Saturday, where I share with you a technique in a variation of affirmations that is just as powerful as writing them out every day. It’ll show you how to change things up from time to time.

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Stay Tuned

In a matter of minutes, you’ll get to read a very powerful blog.  I introduced the topic last week with the definition of the affirmation and the goal of becoming a STRONGER MINDED YOU!  Let me just say that Webster has nothing on Ms. Pillowz.  She graces us again this month with a message that I hope you really hear or can jump in the discussion and share!  Don’t forget to stop by her blog and read on gratitude at Big Diva Hq.! Enjoy!

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What’s going through your mind?…Inquiring minds want to know!

On this gorgeous Wednesday morning, I ask you What Is UP With YOU!!?  What are the thoughts you had when you first woke up this morning?  Were you thankful for waking up, getting to experience a new day and excited to find all of life’s surprises?   OR were you annoyed that the alarm went off, you realize you set it WAY to early and now you can’t fall back to sleep so you’re going to lie in bed with a face on because in a few moments you have to go to work and you DON’T WANT TO?  I am the latter.  The remote control might make it better except that its too far from the bed so I can’t escape at the moment to join all of my favorite dvr’d characters.  It wasn’t always this way though for me.  That is not to say that I am not grateful for waking up today, but I’m not entirely sure I’m excited for what the day has in store for me.

A few years back, I definitely would have responded LOUD AND CLEAR with the first option.  I was the energetic, in your face (politely, cause I love my personal space to) let’s take on the world and set it on fire just to see the pretty lights, and was SUPER excited about the day to come.  It was because I was focused.  Nowadays I am a little scattered, nothing wrong with that, except that I don’t feel like me anymore.  So I have been thinking, what did I do back then, that I don’t do now, that reminded me of the awesome person I am and of all the great things to come?  One word comes to mind: AFFIRMATIONS!

Webster says:

Main Entry: af·fir·ma·tion 
Pronunciation: \ˌa-fər-ˈmā-shən\
Function: noun
Date: 15th century

1 a : the act of affirming b : something affirmed : a positive assertion

hmmm, ok what is to affirm?

Main Entry: af·firm 
Pronunciation: \ə-ˈfərm\
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English affermen, from Anglo-French afermer, from Latin affirmare, from ad- + firmare to make firm, from firmus firm — more at firm
Date: 14th century

transitive verb 1 a : validate, confirm b : to state positively ed his innocence>
2 : to assert (as a judgment or decree) as valid or confirmed
3 : to express dedication to
intransitive verb 1 : to testify or declare by affirmation as distinguished from swearing an oath

I used to do mental and written affirmations.  I would write them out first in the morning and again when I went to sleep.  Having written reminders of your strengths and working on your weaknesses, it definitely makes for a mentally strong person.

So, now that Webster expressed to you what I mean by affirmations, I will let it sit and marinate.  You might be doing affirmations already and that is awesome!  Hit me up and maybe you can share it with everyone in a blog 🙂   This will be a recurring theme throughout the next months, making for a strong minded you, specifically me, but you to if you want to come along for the ride, so STAY TUNED and look for Affirmations!

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