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The End of This Summer’s Story Time Saturday

Words can paint pictures of a broken heart, or a smile, or of the first time you knew that it was going to be OK.  This is one of the many reasons why I love words.  This summer I unveiled a series of poems that I have written throughout my life that have brought me comfort and the occasional closure I needed to start a new chapter in my life.

Last week was the end of this summer’s Story Time Saturday and this fall we’ll switch it up here on My Pocketful of Thoughts.  I am not sure what that means yet, but it’ll come to me over an open fire in the woods of Rhode Island.  Why there you ask?  That’s where I’ll be this weekend, camping and brainstorming!  So in case you missed one of my poems, I leave them all here with you today, in hopes that they touch your heart the way they touched mine so many moons ago and still do.

Until then,

fear poetry Story Time Saturdays

shadows fade

in the turn of the minutes the sun rises slowly
giving light to a brand new day
a day that brings hope, faith that the dream
of last night will come true

as doubt creeps into your mind and
whisphers of the voices of those who do not believe
a rain comes down ever so lightly

a slight rain that turns to pour
to wash away those foolish gestures
to drown out all that takes you off your path

it continues throughout the day
throughout the night
to clear your mind and to start anew

a strength that is stronger within
as you wake
in the turn of the next minutes the sun rises slowly
giving light to a brand new day
a day that brings hope, faith that the dream
of last night will come true

with this strength a smile forms as the doubt that was there yesterday, can not creep back in

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love poetry Story Time Saturdays

where are all the happy love songs?

listening to the radio and some of my favorite cds

cant help but to notice that love sounds like a disease
there’s the potential break up songs
and the you’ve done me wrong songs
the I’m throwing dishes cause you’ve pissed me off songs
the i caught you lying you stupid ass songs
is that the chic you’ve been cheating on me with songs
the she broke my heart into pieces songs
the i can do what you like songs
and there’s how i fell in love with the dj
now don’t get me wrong Cham is a good looking dude and he can sing to me anytime but where are all the happy love songs?

the i look into your eyes and i get lost songs,
and the it hurts when I’m not with you songs,
or the i cant sleep cause i haven’t gotten to speak to you today songs,
or the i love you too much so lets forget about the stupid toothpaste songs?
or the make love to me on the hood of your car while its pouring rain songs (no lightening of course)
or is that what Kelis meant to say when she sang in public
where are the i cant get enough of you because of the deep emotions that you cause me to have, oh wait no that is Tamia
seems to me that no matter what language you listen to it in, there are just not enough happy love songs!

poetry Story Time Saturdays

if only

the thought of you weighs down in my stomach like a cinder block and i’d rather throw a rock at you
you, the subject of so much focus, to finally it feels like its just one big joke

jokes that made me use to LOL

LOL that ended in tears

tears that wet my face but trust they never compromise my strength

yes i’m strong really deep down inside

off to the side now like a pile of books with no place to go

the bookshelf is full

full of enlightening ideas and  organized  thoughts                      

thoughts that wander like purple polka dotted kangroos

kangaroos that jump in and out of my subconscience mind

like rodeo clowns on pogo sticks trying to steal

cotton candy from kids that were engrossed in them

kids who lost their focus after the marching elephants

to return their eyes to the show where acrobats swing out in the air over what looks like thread

 and through the hole of the needle that leads outside into the night

tag teaming Red Riding Hood, so now she’s hopping on the tent

 into the sky up over the moon

 to grandma’s house she lands in the woods saying

 “why grandma what big eyes you have”,

and Grandma opens her mouth to eat her

and the fear of the girl is left in the book,

as its closed, the reader unable to continue

the emotion too much to bare

and in the end my thoughts still lie with you

so don’t be upset if i throw a rock at you

love poetry Story Time Saturdays

Actin di Fool

Me had a good dream las night
Woke me up lef me out breat
drippin wet wit sweat
ya have me actin da fool
  me hate ya one minute
  and love ya da next
ya under me skin
inside me head
me tink of ya
and ya on di fone askin me to speak
fa da most part lef speechless
not know wat to say
but ya got me actin di fool
poetry Story Time Saturdays

like a second coat of paint

            what is this intoxicating feeling coming over me…
    completely out of control
  it is as if possession has taken over…
possessed with a spirit so wild and free…
     oh what is this frightening feeling coming over me…
       a perfect stranger consumes my thoughts…
    when i eat
  when i sleep
   when i dream
  I dream in color but every so often in black and white
      starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson on a moon filled night
   i watch the movie
 they fall in love
      and the end scrolls across the screen
      drifting thoughts in my head
  his smile
his laugh
    his voice
         whispers in my ear
     that raspy voice
 so soothing
so erotic
      but no name
   no details
a pure stranger
    it is madness coming over me
like a second coat of paint
                                          still wet
                     still impressionable
                with doubts if i’ll even like it
            yet his lips
         speak not words i wish to hear
      instead there is silence
    a heartbreaking silence
 that shatters my core into the tiniest
                shards of glass
            glass that cuts
     cuts that sting
  causing wounds that heal
how can i run away
        yet how can i stay
in a man
              who makes me undone
           who knows not my name
completes me love poetry Story Time Saturdays

Complete me………….

i love when he holds my hand in his

he looks at me and looks into my soul and i seem to always know the words to say like a script written just for us
he kisses me with the hottest passion i’ve every felt
all he has to do is smile and he makes me smile
he makes me laugh when he says the silliest of things
he helps me grow as a person
he tells me i’m beautiful even on my sickest days
he pushes me the hardest and reminds me to be my best
he reminds me that I will have his love forever

i love how her hand fits perfectly in mine, as if she were made just for me
i love when i look into her eyes and she knows my thoughts without even having me speak
her lips leave me hungry, sweet and complex just like bonkers
i love that when i smile, she smiles
i love her even more when she laughs at my stupid jokes
she helps me grow as a person
she is the most gorgeous creature that God has ever made
its her voice i hear that i can do more that i can be better in the most positive of ways
she reminds me that i will have her love forever