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I wish you well from the bottom of my heart, but i have to walk away for me.

So I’m a lot of things

Descriptions so obscure
What’s your emotion, and please don’t tell me what i want.
That’s not an answer, not by a long shot.
I needed to hear that you need me, that i meant something to you.
To talk about things that are not working is great for communication 
 but if nothing is done then they are wasted words.
Its fine that you feel nothing,
Cause I can easily walk away,
I once admitted that I loved you
but now the feelings have gone away.
In the moment I didn’t see it going down like this,
but in the back of my mind it was a possibility.
I saw so much in you, perhaps it was too much.
In the end what i thought i needed from you
was to be happy but i found that in myself.
Perhaps we needed each other for the moment
and now the moment has come to pass.
I thank you for showing me I could love again,
and if I’m wrong then I apologize. 
Here’s to the new year and new possibilities, the sky’s the limit
and i wish you well from the bottom of my heart but I had to walk away for me.
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What I Know

If I grab you by your hand as you turn to walk away,
you would stay a little longer and then you’d go.

If I look into your eyes, I don’t have to say whats on my mind
because somehow you already know.

If I told you that i was cold, you would come to keep me warm
never would you leave me shivering and alone.

If I said that I was hungry, you would cook me up a storm
never ever throwing me just a bone.

If we were caught in a blizzard, you wouldn’t stay in the house
you’d come out and play with me in the snow.

And if you did something crazy, I’d be there right beside you
because that is the only way we roll.

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The Return of Story Time Saturdays

The other day I ran across some poems I had written many moons ago.  They made me smile, some made me sad and some made me mad.  Reading them and reflecting on them now, I realize that life has many ups and downs However, we are not defined by the ups and downs, but how we react to them.  Writing has always been a way for me to get through whatever it was that was getting to me.  If it was something that made me happy, I felt that maybe I could capture the moment with words that painted a picture, so that I could remember it later.

I’ve never shared the poems but today I thought maybe if I did, they might help someone else.  They might help you.  They might inspire you to remember to keep the moments, whether good or bad, embrace them and release them, whichever way you choose to do it.  So for the next few Saturdays, I announce the return of Story Time Saturdays.  Stay Tuned.  May this Saturday contain memories that last with you for a lifetime.

Until then,

PS.  Should you feel compelled to perhaps share a story, poem or how you embrace life, click on the email icon above.
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Picture Perfect Memories, Segunda Parte

How Does This Work?!

The following photos were taken during a two hour photography workshop with Judith Farber of Sundays In New York.  The location of the photos is Grand Central Station in New York.


Waiting For The Train.
If you happen to live in the NYC area, this class is definitely worth the travel.  Until April 4th, there is a deal on Daily Candy for Sundays In New York.  There are two offerings, 1.) Two Hour Photography Workshop and 2.) One Hour Private Photo Critiquing Session.

Visit Sundays In New York on Facebook for more information.
Daniel Dias Photography

Daniel Dias Photography DDiasPhotography Photography Story Time Saturdays


Beach for Miles



These photos were taken on the beach in Punta Cana, D.R.; A celebration for my 30th Birthday.

Daniel Dias Photography

Daniel Dias Photography DDiasPhotography Story Time Saturdays


“Stop Taking Pictures” 9-6-2009

This is a picture of my baby outside of Grand Central Station waiting to eat at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in NYC.

Daniel Dias Photography

Daniel Dias Photography Photography Stay Tuned Story Time Saturdays

New Guest Blogger To Join My Pocketful Of Thoughts

Coming to us this Saturday as our newest guest blogger for Story Time Saturdays is Daniel Dias from Daniel Dias Photography.  A picture is worth a thousand words and so are his photos.  Daniel Dias Photograpy’s current focus is on portraits.  He is currently working on a Facebook page and a blog to feature events, projects and photo sessions, so Stay Tuned for that as well!  Enjoy and feel free to comment on his selections.  If you happen to miss any you can find his work under the Labels Story Time Saturdays or Daniel Dias Photography.