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I welcome the NEW Fun Friday Series, How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker

Its Friday night and I feel alright…The party’s here on the west side  ….well I’m not at a party on any side of town but that was a really good song back in the day.  The weekend has officially begun.  Its 6 pm and I know where my children are!  It was a short work week, productive and now done!  Today is a special nod to Friday.  Blogs that post today are a part of the FUN FRIDAYS topics.  There hasn’t been nearly enough fun as there should be.  I have remedied that this evening.  
While today is a nod to Friday; it is also a day to recognize all the people who have co-workers they would like to kill but didn’t! YAY! I am fortunate to not have that issue at the moment.  A little later today we hear from a blogger who accomplished just that this week and we’re lucky to hear all the ways that helps her prevent killing her co-worker and how she keeps sane from 9-5 on Monday through Friday.
Feel free to share if you have ways to cope at work and successfully NOT kill your co-worker by weeks end, OR what they do that drives you bananas.  Lets face it, your co-worker is not worth going to jail for, at least you can have a little fun!  The most clever ways to cope may appear in a special post! 

Want to be ANONYMOUS, I completely understand!  Send your story to me at with a clever pen name!  Or leave it as an anonymous comment below!

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PS. Here’s the link to How Not To Kill Your Co-Worker .