Wake Up Wednesdays

You learn something new everyday…

The snow is coming down on this cold Wednesday in February, blanketing the streets of Bridgeport in fluffy flakes.  I still lie in bed, enjoying the warmth of my covers and ponder on my aching back.  If I did not know any better I would think that my unborn children are playing in heaven jumping on every crack they can find, harmoniously singing “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.” Not on purpose of course, after all they are just children 🙂  I am counting down the hours for my therapeutic “Trigger” massage, to see if I can isolate the cause of the shooting pains running through my back.  My mind secretly wonders if it is weight related.

Last Wednesday we had the privilege of reading the advice of Ms. Pillowz on how to get our minds right for any weight goal journey and she suggested to me that I keep a journal to see what it was I was eating.  After completing the 7th day, I found that I might not be taking in the right amount of calories; that it might not be enough.  I was not taking any vitamins, although I see them sitting on my dresser now.  My food intake also shifted greatly on the weekends.  It seems I am good to plan out my week at work for meals.  I was not doing the same for when I was home on the weekends.  Either I ate fewer larger meals or skipped meals completely, instead of the timed snacks and small meals every four hours.  I also found that after I completed a week’s worth of taking note to what I ate, the day that I did not, I had 2 chocolate chip cookies, which I know did not help me towards my goal in the least bit.

I will be doing research on what a person’s calorie intake should be, for I have the foggiest idea.  I could be right on track or completely off it.  I’ll let you know my finds next Wake Up Wednesday. 

Until the next time I hope that you have finished your VDAY shopping and are not procrastinators like myself.  Remember its the thought that counts and I’ll be sharing any fabulous finds for deals on gifts, so stay tuned for that.

Wake Up Wednesdays

Get Your Mind Right

Procrastination keeps me from doing things I should do!  Eventually though I find the strength to JUST DO IT!  I’ve lasted 33 days without buying stuff I do NOT need and am on track on my first goal of the year of spending less money.  A healthy weight is next on my list to tackle.

For me its been a slippery slope these last few years, with losing and gaining the weight back and I do believe its a matter of not having the right mind set.  I’m always told that it takes a bit before you start seeing results and I suffer from “I need it now” syndrome.  Or something happens to distract me and I follow that distraction like its no one’s business but my own.  If you are a fellow procrastinator, you’re shaking your head right now saying yup.  So I have enlisted in the help of a friend.  I’ve announced Ms. Pillowz over the last few weeks and in a matter of minutes she’ll be advising us on how to do just that, get our minds right.  She’s the founder and blogger on Big Diva Headquarters.  She’ll tell you more in a few, but she’s exactly what the doctor ordered to jolt us just enough to get our butts in gear.  Send any questions you might have for her in the Want To Reach Me section on the left panel.  Enjoy!

Until Next Time
Random Thoughts Wake Up Wednesdays

In my head, I have an idea of how I would like to look, getting there is only half the fun!

I am approaching day 21 of the year quickly, so i thought I’d start preparing myself for my second goal, getting to a healthy weight.  Preparation is always a good thing!  To prepare in advance is even better, especially if you are a procrastinator like me.  If I do not prepare myself in advance than I am more likely to not do what I am supposed to when I am supposed to do it.  Although over the years I find that I do well with pressure, it is not ideal!

June 2008 I was finishing up an application to volunteer at my local hospital and found that my last physical had been years prior.  To hand in the application I would have to get a physical and I remember that I was NOT looking forward to it.

Since the age of 21, my weight has inched higher and higher.  I exercised irregularly and ate without thinking about what I was eating, as I always had.  I knew that it was affecting my body, but never did anyone say to me, umm you’re fat.  Since I was little I had always been super thin.  I was affectionately called Olive Oyl, you know Popeye’s Girl.  I hated it!  I wanted to have more weight on my body, to be average!  What do we know as children?!  At such young ages, we are impressionable and fragile.  As adults we are impressionable and fragile! As long as I can remember we have been bombarded with this image of how the female body should look.  Barbie is anatomically impossible.  Slowly we are starting to change that “image” and I like it!

I scheduled the doctor’s visit and went.  Stepped on the scale, had my blood pressure taken and waited.  Waited for the doctor to come and tell me everything was A OK.  Now I like my doctor.  She is professional, direct and to the point.  She reminds me a bit of the character, Temperance Brennan, on Bones.  She goes down the list and everything is looking good until she gets to my weight.  According to my height and weight, I am categorized as Obese.  Now as she says this, I’m screaming in my head, “WHAT?! I’m WHAT?!”  She continued on to say that at my age it would be wise to try and get to a healthy weight as it would be harder once I begin having children.  I was still thinking, “WHAT?! I’m WHAT?!”  Then the shock started to wear off.  I acknowledged that I was obese, and her recommendations sounded positive, reasonable and doable. 

I went home after that appointment and told my mom.  She’s super blunt about everything, one of the things I hate and love about her.  She laughed when I said that I was obese.  Actually that is the reaction I get from everyone I tell that to.  At first it bothered me, as the news bothered me a great deal.  As time wore on I laughed to.  I began agreeing with everyone else, “but I don’t look obese.” 

I still do not “look” obese.  My loving boyfriend reminds me of that all the time, especially when I ask him if I am fat.  A few days after that appointment in 2008, I bumped up my exercise routine and lost a few pounds in a month. After a few weeks I was not seeing the results I wanted and I decided to get a walk-through of the weight lifting equipment at the gym.  The walk-through resulted in a personal training session that left me sore and wanting more.  Before I knew it I was signed up with a personal trainer.  All was going well until I got this awful cough last June and I fell off the wagon.  I jumped on it again once a month for my personal training sessions and those just ended in December.  I find myself weighing even more than when I first started. (LOUD SIGH)

I am jumping back on the wagon tonight.  I have a date with my Wii Fit this evening, all set up and waiting to go in my bedroom.  Yes, I am not waiting until day 21 to start on my next goal.  Do not put off til tomorrow what can be done today…or something like that, you get the gist.  I have enlisted with a friend to attend cardio classes at the gym.  I have set up a schedule for the week of when I will be working out, which will start tomorrow morning.  I have plugged myself into a blog that caters to my needs.  I think I’m all set to start. YAY ME! 

I am actually fortunate to know the author of the blog on the website  I met her on a vacation I had in Puerto Rico in 2007 and we’ve been friends ever since.  She fondly calls me Glenda and I am reminded of how far I’ve come on improving myself as a person.  She is my Health Guru and has agreed to be my guest blogger once a month here on My Pocketful Of Thoughts.  I figure if I ask my questions out loud I might help other people on the same journey.  Stay Tuned to the blog by Ms. Pillowz and it will be labeled Health Guru.  Feel free to send any questions that you would like discussed in the Contact Me Section on the left hand panel.  Plug into her blog today and enjoy!

Until tomorrow!