Quiet the voices when paying down your debt!

I was reminded at the end of April that sometimes you have to quiet the voices when paying down your debt! Even when you are on track and paying down your debt, the voice of doubt still manages to creep in. You feel like there HAS TO BE something else you could be doing. When your debt total is large like mine, you  can get depressed. You begin to feel hopeless. This is why you should have someone you check in with to keep you accountable. I delayed sharing my numbers last month  after having a discussion with my financial advisor, Annette. She reminded me that a person paying down debt always has a list of options. Read on for that list.

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Put God First and Son of God DVD winner!

Son of God DVD Movie Review by My Pocketful of Thoughts
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“Thank you Father for what you bring us. Don’t worry about daily needs God will provide.  Put God first and everything else will follow.”

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Patience is a bitch when you’re paying down debt!

Patience is a bitch when you're paying down debt! ... How to turn that around ... On My Pocketful of Thoughts - Money Mondays

Patience is a bitch when you’re paying down debt! I think of how many clients I told, “It took a while to rack it up and it’ll take even longer to pay it off… but it will! You have to stay positive!” I remember saying that to myself again last April. If you’ll remember I mentioned in Debt Keeps Me Up At Night that I was ready to finally share my journey on paying down debt. I had been ashamed to do so prior but I was seeing the light again and my debt was going down! …Then $&*5 hit the fan. It began to rain unexpected financial surprises. I was prepared for NONE of them! Read on to see what has changed over the past year!

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[ #MovieReview ] Son of God DVD PLUS Giveaway

I started last Saturday morning with the Son of God DVD. Each morning I am trying to live my life with more purpose. I want to intentional learn about my religion and to make time for God. I am giving thanks for everything I have, the good and the bad. This is not new for me … well not entirely. I committed to learning more and being grateful years ago. Life had me a bit distracted last year and I FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! I don’t mean to yell. I only wish to emphasize that a life without focusing on the Son of God gives you that anxious feeling that you forgot something but you’re not sure what. With this small tweak, this year has turned around for me. Today on My Pocketful of Thoughts we’re reviewing my top 3 takeaways from the Son of God DVD. Read on to find out how you can win your very own DVD copy thanks to Lisa Silvera+Associates, LLC!

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Outlander Series Returns April 4th on Starz!

Outlanders Series Starts April 4th on Saturdays on StarzAre you ready for the return of the Outlander Series on Starz? This past week I was so sad to have finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (Outlander), Book 8 of the addictive Outlander Series, featuring my friends Claire and Jaime Fraser. It’ll be about another three years before book 9 comes out, fingers crossed of course. Fortunately for us Outlander’s Series lovers, we have the TV Show Outlander on Starz! Read on for tips on how to celebrate the shows return like a true Scot and how to win a trip for two to Scotland. Continue reading Outlander Series Returns April 4th on Starz!

Fifty Shades of Grey . . . Does it disappoint?

"Where have you been?" -Christian "Waiting" - Anastasia ; quotes; Fifty Shades of Grey, 50 Shades of Grey, #FiftyShades, Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele, Movie Review
“Where have you been?” -Christian “Waiting” – Anastasia; Photo Credit: http://www.fiftyshadesmovie.com/

50 Shades of Grey, the taboo book that everyone has been whispering about is now a movie. With over 2 million views of its preview trailer, many of us lovers of the 50 Shades of Grey book series wonder if the movie will live up to the books. A typical question for any movie that is based on a popular book, Will the movie stray far from the book? It’s been some time since I’ve been compelled to get to the movie theater AND write a review on a movie since Chef. Read on for 5 reasons to watch the movie 50 Shades of Grey! Continue reading Fifty Shades of Grey . . . Does it disappoint?