X Marked the Lump on my Breast

X Marked a Lump on My Breast - An story about knowing what to do for early #BreastCancer Detection My Pocketful of Thoughts

WHAT IS THIS? My fingers felt a grape size lump under my right breast. Is this a lump on my breast? My heart skipped a beat. What does it look like? I asked Daniel, my future husband, to describe it to me? It looks like a pimple. Maybe. OK. So maybe it is a pimple and my skin is reacting to it. To be on the safe side I’ll make an appointment on Monday. The what if its not kept my mind racing for hours. It took all of my willpower to not get into bed and cry. It took all of strength to not freak out. If I did freak out then this finding was real. Do you check yourself regularly for any changes?