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What’s sucking your time?

What is sucking your time?
TV is sucking my time :/

It was the best of times and the worst of times.  Last September I caved in and got the DVR from my cable provider. The DVR opened up an entirely different world for me, and after a while I realized I wasn’t doing much else. Every now and then I think to myself that it was the worst decision I could have made. I was perfectly fine with the handful of channels that Cablevision was providing without the cable box. Friends promoting it and the extra five dollars for the box enticed me though. What is an extra five dollars anyways?

A year later and now its an extra ten dollars a month, but I do not think I have the will power to give it up. Back in September and into October I cut my watching the DVR down to an hour a day to study for an exam. The shows I recorded piled up and til this day I have not caught up. This is sadly what I have been doing with my time. Instead of picking up my lap top and writing about all the ideas I say in my head, I watch the DVR. I find myself feeling nervous if I let too many shows stay without being watched. I freak out a little if I cannot find another time listing for a show that happens to fall under the same time as two other shows being recorded. This past weekend I finally made a dent in it and discovered some new shows that I really liked.Instead of feeling sad about getting the DVR, I decided I would make this an Ode to all the talented writers out there that keep me hooked to the TV like an addict. One day I’ll give it up, but right now I’m not ready.

So shows that started this season that I am excited to watch:
Once Upon a Time Terra Nova Ringer Revenge Hart of Dixie Two Broke Girls

Returning Shows that I love:
Bones Covert Affairs Modern Family Happy Endings Blue Bloods Sons of Anarchy Psych Vampire Diaries Nikita Super Natural Grey’s Anatomy Private Practice Body of Proof Mike & Molly Hawaii 5-0 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The Nate Berkus Show Ugly Betty Burn Notice NCIS NCIS Los Angeles

Shows that are on break:
Pretty Little Liars The Nine Lives of Chloe King Suits Royal Pains In Plain Sight White Collar Fairly Legal The Closer Rizzoli and Isles – Jersey Shore – Falling SkiesLeverage

Shows that are on my DVR that I still have not watched yet:
GRIMM PAN AM Secret Circle 

I do NOT want to even count how many shows this is and I am more than sure there are shows that I have forgotten to mention; The shows that were recently canceled or were canceled on my DVR myself have shortened my list. I didn’t give any info, aside from the name, on any of the shows because you’d be reading FOREVER, so if you see something that sounds good to you, just click on the show name and it will take you to where you can get more information.

So again, Today I am thankful for all the creative writers out there that keep me addicted to their shows and keep me waiting for the next episode to happen! I find it therapeutic to escape reality for a few minutes or in my case hours a day. What shows can you not live without?  What do you self prescribe for therapy purposes?


Until then,
don’t judge me 🙂