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[ #MovieReview ] Chef will make you hungry for more than just food

26 Reasons to go see Chef the Movie - Chef - Movie Review on my Pocketful of Thoughts;

The other day I was looking through the showings at the Bow Tie Theater and ran across a movie called Chef. I had never heard of it and wondered what it was about. I clicked the tab for the Storyline and was surprised by the cast. LOTS of Hispanic names including my favorite Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara. A chef who cooks … who doesn’t like watching the cooking channel? Chopped anyone? Read on to see if you’ll waste your time watching Chef . . . 

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[Movie Review] The Fault In Our Stars #TFIOS

The Fault In Our Stars - Movie Review on My Pocketful of Thoughts;
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I’d be surprised if you told me you hadn’t seen The Fault In Our Stars yet. When I watched it on Friday the theater was packed with mostly teenagers, guys AND gals. Adults were sprinkled in for good measure. There were little girls sitting in the very first row and some sitting on my right. I was distracted by the talking and the SHUT UPs. It’s one of the reasons why I try to catch the latest matinee showings. When the ushers would make their sweeps of the theater you could hear the crowd of people waiting in line to see the next showing. I might have to watch The Fault In Our Stars again because I’m sure there are parts I missed.  BUT … Read on to find out why you should see The Fault In Our Stars.


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[Movie Review] Maleficent may NOT be suitable for small children.

Angelina Jolie is Malificent - #Movie Review on My Pocketful of Thoughts
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Maleficent may not be suitable for small children. I just saw it and I was a bit taken back by some of the scenes. Sitting in a theater full of families with small children, I was concerned. As a future mother of small children, my thoughts ran to how they’d sleep tonight. Whether the cries and screams that I heard throughout the movie were actually due to what was on the big screen is uncertain. Nightmares? Maybe. If you have small children please be mindful that Maleficent is rated PG. Parental Guidance IS suggested. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, read on for my overall thoughts of the latest Disney movie.

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[ Movie Review ] A Moms’ Night Out You Wouldn’t Wish on Your Enemy

Moms Night Out Movie Review - My Pocketful of Thoughts

When was the last time you had a Moms’ Night Out? If you’re looking for a movie that anyone can identify with then you’re in luck. Moms’ Night Out has a cast of character’s that the entire family can relate to! Have you seen it yet? No? Keep reading to see my thoughts in this movie review!

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[Movie Review] 3 #Movies to Watch with Your Sweetheart #pocketThoughts

3 movies to watch with your sweetie

These past few weeks have been brutally hot in Connecticut. This week we’re supposed to see a record 7 day heat wave. Advisory warnings have been in effect almost every day! Daniel and I have been escaping the heat at the theater. Our usually Tuesday date night has expanded to seeing two to three movies per week. We’re not alone though. We’ve noticed an increase in other people hitting the theater to keep cool. If you join us, do you know what to watch?

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[Movie Review] Iron Man 3 is a MUST see!

should i spend money to see iron man 3

Tuesday nights are Date Night for me and Daniel.  Yesterday we went to go see the anticipated Iron Man 3. Before we went I asked my comic book loving co-worker if he had seen it or heard of how it was from someone else. He had not seen it yet but replied that regardless if the movie was so-so, it was Iron Man so he’d love it anyways. I am not a comic book lover but I do love me some Robert Downey Jr, he’s just such a talented actor.

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[Movie Review] The Call with Halle Berry is #DATE NIGHT Approved

Date Night Approved by My Pocketful of Thoughts

It’s no secret that Daniel and I have different tastes in movies, but if I mention that a certain lovely female actress is present then it’s a slam dunk to suggest a movie I’m looking forward to seeing. Thus was the case last Saturday night where we decided to make a movie and dinner date. When he asked me to text him his options on Friday I only sent him one …”The Caller with Halle Berry …did I mention Halle Berry?” Now, I’ve learned you should let your man pick something out… so I let him choose the time we would watch it. It might not seem like I offered him much choice but who doesn’t want to see Halle Berry? LOL