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The Black Wall Street Festival

Saturday, August 9th is The Black Wall Street Festival! The event begins at 1pm at The BK Lounge Parking Lot and will end at 7pm. If you are in the Bridgeport area please stop by! What is The Black Wall Street Festival? I’m glad you asked!

Eldorado Anderson, of Dream Life Works Inc. is celebrating his 35th birthday.  He is celebrating by giving back to the community. He wants to display a portion of our history that he hopes to see thriving before his days on earth are gone. How awesome is that?

In the early 20th century, there was a section of Tulsa, Oklahoma called “Black Wall Street” and at its prominence was the most thriving and profitable black community in the nation. Unfortunately, the town and its community was destroyed during one of the worst race riots in United States history. Over 600 businesses, including churches and schools, were burned to the ground. History books have yet to make mention of this Mecca of our history and tried its best to hide the devastation that occurred when it was burned down in 1921. However, despite this tragic event, the people of Tulsa stayed with the motto that “Every Child Must Be Educated”, and this is the premise of The Black Wall Street Festival.

He would love for us and especially our children to be in an atmosphere of “minority” entrepreneurs, who own or represent businesses, that affect our community every day.