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Genesis 2

Genesis 2 - The one where Adam and Eve are created & become the first married couple  ... Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts #God #Jesus #Bible #Catholic

Hola! Welcome to another installment of Let’s Read the Bible! Today we’ll be reading Genesis 2. If you do not have The Daily Walk Bible – NLT yet you can purchase it here or view today’s reading here. If you missed last week’s reading of Genesis 1 you can catch up here. This is my very first attempt at reading the Bible from start to finish. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me


Has Marriage Become ANOTHER Hallmark Event?

Has Marriage Become  ANOTHER Hallmark holiday?

Do we agree that Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas are known for their Hallmark promotions? We rush to the store in search of