5 Chances to Win this Christmas Gift Card #Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway, 5 Chances to win; enter between November 29th to December 13th

Are you looking for a Christmas Giveaway? How about 5 chances to win? Those odds are better than winning the lottery, right? I just have Daniel’s gift to worry about and I’m done with my holiday shopping. Yes! I’m almost done! However, I do start my Christmas shopping in


Celebrating My Birthday at @RedDoorSpas with American Express Reward Points

How I used my American Express Membership RewardsThis year I wanted to something special for myself to celebrate turning another year younger. We tend to go through life, living day to day without taking a minute to just indulge. Well, to be totally honest, I do indulge, perhaps too much but its nice to do something extra special every now and then. When you’re on a budget though, something extra special cost …extra. If you follow me on FourSquare or Instagram, then you know Daniel and I spent the weekend in NYC celebrating our birthdays. Where does one go to indulge in NYC? How about the Red Door Spa on 5th Avenue?