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Quiet the voices when paying down your debt!

I was reminded at the end of April that sometimes you have to quiet the voices when paying down your debt! Even when you are on track and paying down your debt, the voice of doubt still manages to creep in. You feel like there HAS TO BE something else you could be doing. When your debt total is large like mine, you  can get depressed. You begin to feel hopeless. This is why you should have someone you check in with to keep you accountable. I delayed sharing my numbers last month  after having a discussion with my financial advisor, Annette. She reminded me that a person paying down debt always has a list of options. Read on for that list.


#PS4 SOLD OUT at local Hawley Lane #Target

i almost had my hands on the ps4!

Did you stand in line for hours to get your hands on the PS4? I got to Target this morning at 7:24 am. I parked and

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Confessions of a Single Woman: Can You Start a Marriage in Debt?

Can I start a marriage in debt?

Can you start a marriage in debt? This is the question I have been asking myself for years now. If I can have a few more years, I can start