I angered the Pilates Instructor!


i angered the pilates instructor!

I angered the Pilates Instructor. I know I did. The way she looked at me in class. I could feel her disapproving eyes. They seemed to ask, “What are you doing just


Why I was AFRAID to #Exercise. Part One.

why i was afraid to exercise part 1

My Dad’s nickname for me when I was little was Olive Oil. The leading lady in the popular Popeye cartoon was very thin. I hated the nickname. We know what we look like, and whether a nickname is said just in fun, sometimes, it still hurts. In eight grade my

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Confessions of a Runner: My leg went numb! #pocketThoughts

My Leg Went Numb
Read on to find out the scoop. You know you want to know!

Did you make new year’s resolutions this year concerning your health? Did you join a gym? This year I’ve decided to give running another go. I started it up almost two years ago and I had to stop. See what had happened was… I was doing a six week program on Weight Watchers that helped move you from walking to running a 5k. I hadn’t signed up for one but I wanted to for that fall season. The first week wasn’t bad at all. It was mostly walking and running for only two minute bursts. The second week was a little harder as the total time got longer and you were doing more two minute bursts. I found getting your breathing under control was the hardest part for me. In week three though, my body seemed to get into the rhythm and I was HOOKED!