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Who pays for the wedding?

Are you wondering who is paying for the wedding? Then you need to have this discussion! This article is part of the #Wedding Planning Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts

Do you know who is paying for your wedding? When Daniel and I had our vision session for our fall masquerade wedding, I got caught up in the fantasy of it all. I could hear the music playing, the dance floor was packed and my feet were killing me. <– I didn’t even care that my feet hurt! Daniel and I were having a blast! But after we finished doing a preliminary wedding guest list, I thought to myself how much is this all going to cost? Our count was at 225 and

Wedding Season

8 Tips to SAVE you $$$ When Shopping for Wedding Guest Attire

8 tips to save money shopping for wedding attire

How many weddings did you say you were attending this year? Whether its one or six, we need to save as much money as we can. Am I right? The cost of a wedding can be expensive and we can recall from How to Budget when you get the NEXT Wedding Invitation. #WeddingWednesday, how the cost isn’t just in the gift. Travel costs, bachelor parties, and showers/stags are automatic additions to any wedding invitation that comes in the mail. What can put a damper on any budget is the cost to dress for the events and the happy couple’s special day.

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Hair Therapy and Pantene Commercial Hair, yes please!

hair therapy and pantene hair
These last few weeks, I’ve been going over my New Year’s Resolutions from this year and I realize I’ve just brushed the surface with most of them.  It just occurred to me that I can’t possibly do well on just one goal, if I’m trying to tackle 10 others that I think are all equally important.  In reality most of the items we add to our resolution list are wishes, things we’d like to happen.  However, if they do not happen then we go back to remembering, ‘well they were only wishes anyways’.  I’ve read this in many books, but you don’t really believe it until you take a look at YOU.  So after seeing all my wishes not come true, the list is going to be only two things next year.  The first of course being having healthy finances